10 YouTube Makeup Guru Products Everyone Needs

In the peak of the Internet age, beauty gurus thrive online via blogs, media outlets, and of course, YouTube, one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world. Naturally, the viral nature of a beauty guru's content has drastically changed the way fans purchase makeup from their favorite brands.

However, some of your favorite online personalities have likely started their own makeup lines or participated in a collaboration project with a well-known brand, and many of their products are worth checking out.  But where should you start? Read on for 10 of the must-have makeup items from your favorite YouTube beauty gurus that we think you should add to your collection!

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10 NikkieTutorials Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, OFRA Cosmetics

Nikkie de Jager, known on YouTube as NikkieTutorials, has been been a presence on the platform for nearly ten years!

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Being one of the most popular and influential beauty gurus on the internet, it was no surprise when she revealed her collaboration project with OFRA in 2017 that included highlighters and three beautiful shades of OFRA’s famous Long Lasting Lipstick. OFRA’s site displays photos of Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill, and other enjoying their NikkieTutorials lipsticks, and we think that’s about all the motivation you need to go out and snag your own.

9 Life’s A Drag Palette, Lunar Beauty

Manny MUA launched Lunar Beauty last year with the vibrant Life’s a Drag palette, modeled after the iconic makeup style used by the drag community. The palette contains a number of neutral shades, but also offers just enough color for those who want to add a bit of edge to their eye makeup.

Containing a combination of mattes, foils, and satins, the palette is a great starter for those who want to experiment with bold colors and eye-catching glitters. Life’s a Drag also includes a small applicator inside the palette, so you don’t even need to grab for a brush.

8 Magic Star Concealer, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Don’t be put off by the price tag on Jeffree Star’s new Magic Star Concealer. Star personally created the blendable, hydrating formula, a project that was years in the making before finally being revealed in April 2019.

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Unfortunately, some of the product was stolen and leaked weeks before the official release date, but the launch was ultimately a success. The packaging is reminiscent of Japanese anime Sailor Moon, and the concealer’s doe-foot wand is optimal for applying a large amount of product on the face to brighten and lighten problem areas. Many shades of Magic Star have sold out, but will inevitably be restocked due to overwhelming demand!

7 Jaclyn Hill Palette, Morphe Cosmetics

Jaclyn Hill’s first collaboration with Morphe was one of the beauty community’s most sought-after items of 2017. Morphe has continuously produced the Jaclyn Hill Palette since its 2017 release, and the product is available both online and in-store at ULTA and Morphe stores.

The palette features a jaw-dropping 35 shades specially formulated per Hill’s wishes, and they are super creamy and highly pigmented. Beauty gurus Jackie Aina, James Charles, and Manny MUA enjoyed their Jaclyn Hill Palettes, so it’s safe to say that this one is a winner!

6 DragunEgg Transformation Kit, Dragun Beauty

Nikita Dragun has paved the way for LGBTQ+ beauty enthusiasts, and she continues to do so with the launch of her company Dragun Beauty, one of the only companies of its kind owned by a transgender individual.

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Last month, Dragun revealed the DragunEgg Transformation Kit, the first product from her new company. The egg contains two different products to help correct blemishes, dark under-eye circles, and other skin discolorations, and is lovingly packaged in a stylish purple egg. The kit sold out within a day of its March 25th launch, but has since been restocked online.

5 Desert Dusk Palette, Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is one of the most successful beauty gurus in the market, and it’s no wonder that her company, Huda Beauty, is one of the forerunners in the world of makeup. Huda Beauty has released many eyeshadow palettes in the past, but fans seem to gravitate toward Desert Dusk.

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The palette contains 18 pigmented shades, 4 textures, and a variety of warm-toned colors to create layered eye looks. Whether you desire a simple matte shade or a bit of glitter on your lids, Desert Dusk has something for just about everyone to enjoy.

4 Create Your Own Palette, Makeup Geek

Marlena Stell is a powerhouse in the beauty industry. With nearly 11 years of YouTube content under her belt, she is also the CEO of the successful company Makeup Geek, the source of our next beauty guru must have.

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The Create Your Own Palette option might sound simple, but once you see the overwhelming amount of options that Makeup Geek offers, you will be jumping for joy. Starting off with an empty 9 pan palette, users can customize their own color schemes and texture selections. Users can select from various shades of mattes, shimmers, duochromes, and foils to perfect the palette of their dreams, delivered right to their door!

3 Splash Botanical Botanic 'Eau Fragranced Body Mist, Zoella Beauty

Zoe Sugg, known online as Zoella, has been a part of the beauty community for ten years! When she started Zoella Beauty in 2014, Sugg decided to create bath and body lines instead of opting for makeup.

Her Splash Botanical Body Mist, a mixture of floral scents like iris and freesia, is highly-rated, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. However, if you want to get your hands on Zoella Beauty products, time might be running out. In a vlog video posted to YouTube, Sugg revealed her decision to terminate her licensing agreement, so the current Zoella products will, unfortunately, be discontinued in 2020.

2 James Charles Palette, Morphe Cosmetics

The James Charles Palette contains one of the most diverse color stories around, and sisters are living for it!

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You can use Charles’s palette to create both neutral and bold looks, and the possibilities are endless with a rainbow of 39 shades to choose from. Beauty gurus and fans alike have raved about the pressed pigment palette ever since its first release in late 2018, and it has sold out multiple times and continues to impress with its pigmentation and diverse color offerings.

1 Blue Blood Palette, Jeffree Star Cosmetics

After the success of his third palette Blood Sugar, Star was confident in his follow-up project that served as a sister palette. Dubbed Blue Blood for its amazing range of blues, teals, and mints, the palette also contains neutral and light pink shades to balance out the bold statement colors.

The palette sold rapidly upon its release on March 29th, 2019. The pressed pigment shades are easily blended and combined with one another, allowing the user to create any cool toned look in the book, and the packaging, mirroring that of Blood Sugar, is absolutely durable and divine!

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