10 Best K-Beauty Products At Sephora (According To User Reviews)

In recent years, beauty trends from South Korea have been making their way around the world. Products and trends in the world of makeup and skincare have been making their way from South Korea where they originated to other countries around the world.

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These days, stores like Sephora sell a ton of different K-Beauty products on the shelves of their stores and on their website. But with so many different products that all promise different results, it can get overwhelming to try to figure out what products are the best.

Luckily, Sephora's users have taken the time to review their favorites! Keep reading to see 10 of the best K-Beauty products Sephora sells!

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10 Shake & Shot Rubber Masks - Dr. Jart+

These Shake & Shot Rubber Masks from Dr. Jart+ come in some really creative packaging. But according to Sephora users, they're more than just a cute package! Sephora user Baylee96 reviewed it by saying, "My skin is so sensitive, I hardly get to use any skin products. After my first time trying this mask I actually noticed not only my completion was better but even to the touch my skin was soft and felt great!"

These masks are a DIY-type mask that the user mixes the two parts of together before applying it. There are six options for different skin types and concerns and they all come in this unique packaging.

9 Two Tone Lipstick - LANEIGE

One popular trend in the beauty world that originated in South Korea is the trend of ombré lipstick. This lipstick trend can be done by applying two slightly different shades of lipstick at different points on the lips or by using two very different ones for a more bold look.

This lipstick from LANEIGE takes all the guesswork out of pairing shades and applying them separately because each stick comes with two colors. Sephora user juliewithak reviewed this lipstick by saying, "It glides on nicely and the nude color is perfect on my lips. I'm surprised how hydrating it is. No need to apply a lip gloss on top of it! Ombré is subtle but it's there. I'm hooked."

8 Watermelon Sleeping Mask - Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a K-Beauty brand from Sephora that sells quite a few popular products. One of them is their Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, a face mask meant to be applied before bed that is full of all kinds of ingredients that are great for your skin, including tasty-smelling watermelon extract.

Sephora user MerMarie reviewed it by saying, "It smells like heaven. It glides onto the skin like a dream. Stays on over night (somehow? witchcraft, maybe?). I wash it off in the morning and my skin is supple and hydrated."

7 Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream - Saturday Skin

According to Sephora user alwayzg, the Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream from Saturday skin is more than just some eye-catching packaging. In a review, the wrote, "It's lightweight, yet hydrating. It softened some of my fine lines and brightened my under eye a lot. Also, I like that it's gentle as my eye area is really sensitive."

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This K-Beauty product is meant to help with under-eye darkness and puffiness, making you look like you got a great night's sleep every day.

6 Fresh Calming Toner - LANEIGE

This toner from LANEIGE uses really unique ingredients like deep sea water and lychee peel in order to help to hydrate and sooth the skin. With no parabens or alcohol, this toner won't dry your skin out or irritate it after use.

Sephora user ASVx writes in a review, "I’ve used multiple high end toners for my oily, blemish-prone skin, only to be left irritated and somewhat red. This toner beats everything I’ve ever used. It’s calming. It’s soothing."

5 Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream - Erborian

Glow Crème Illuminating Face Cream from Erborian is a K-Beauty product that is the perfect multi-benefit primer for anyone who wants their skin to get a little extra glow. This primer has unique ingredients like licorice extract that helps to brighten the skin.

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Sephora user Zvezdochka writes in a review, "It is very light/sheer. It gives you a beautiful natural pink pearl glow. I don’t use much make up and always prefer to look natural, so for me this is perfect. My skin looks beautiful and feels healthy."

4 No Poreblem Primer - Touch In Sol

Having your makeup not look totally flawless when you're done applying it is such a bummer. That's why putting on a good primer is so important! Prime not only helps your makeup to go on smoother and last longer but many of them help to blur pores and make your skin look totally perfect too.

According to Sephora user letzii14, this primer definitely checks all those boxes. In a review, the wrote, "Every single foundation I've tried with this looed FLAWLESS. I mean I even rock this primer alone on the no makeup days."

3 Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser - Neogen Dermalogy

Finding the perfect cleanser isn't always easy. It's important to find one that really works for your skin and gets it nice and clean with no makeup, sweat, or dirt left behind to clog your pores. Finding one that doesn't dry out your skin or isn't too harsh? Not easy!

But Sephora users are loving this Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser from Neogen Dermalogy. Sephora user Taterbon reviewed it by saying, "It's a clay-bubble mask combo that goes on like a light clay, then dries to a flaky consistency. Glowing, bright, clear, fresh, vibrant...all of those things after just the first use."

2 Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser - Glow Recipe

This cleanser from Glow Recipe underwent a huge makeover a while ago. Glow Recipe re-released their fan favorite cleanser with a new packaging and an improved formula. Although reformulations aren't always a good thing in the beauty world, Sephora users definitely agree that it was a good idea this time.

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Sephora user PaisleyMarie reviewed it by saying, "Great cleanser in the morning. Great cleanser in the evening because it removes all residue from whatever you apply to your face for the day. Using it as a mask is easy and a lovely experience. Nice fragrance and leaves the skin soft and hydrated."

1 Vintage Single Extract Essence - Amore Pacific

Tea isn't just for drinking! This moisturizing essence from Amore Pacific is made with hand-picked green tea leaves from an off the coast of South Korea that are turned into this essence after spending 100 days fermenting and extracting in order to become this product. This product claims to rejuvenate, brighten, and clear up a skin's tone and texture.

According to Sephora user pqm200, it does! In a review, they wrote, "It has evened out my skin tone, helped with skin texture, helping with hyper-pigmentation, and has made my skin really glow. I definitely see a difference when I stop using it."

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