8 Horoscope Combinations That Make Better Friends Than Romances

The complexities of zodiac compatibility are pretty much never ending, and every aspect of someone's chart can create a subtle shift in the relationships that they develop with others. But the vast majority of zodiac compatibility seems to focus on romantic relationships when there are all different kinds of relationships where different aspects of zodiac compatibility can diminish or enrich that particular connection. And while love relationships are a brilliant life experience that most people want throughout their lives, the importance of good and caring friendships cannot be underestimated. There are plenty of zodiac combinations that have a natural affinity towards one another, but sometimes those instinctive connections are connections that work better as friends than they do as partners. And of course, why wouldn't there be?

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Many if not most people would agree that their significant long term friendships are easily some of the most important if not the most important relationships in their lives. So, which compatible zodiac signs usually make even better friendships than relationships?

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8 Gemini And Aries

When it comes to the friendship combo of Gemini and Aries, the sky is truly the limit. Geminis are natural born thinkers and Aries are natural born doers, so when they join forces they can execute so many of the most interesting and off the wall ideas that would not occur to most people, let alone be something that they'd be willing to try. Both signs love to get into deep discussion and aren't afraid to debate, but unlike a lot of people they both know how to go through what might seem like some serious mental and emotional combat and then leave it all on the table, shake hands, and keep on being great friends.

7 Cancer And Pisces

Crabs and fish occupy the same ocean, so it's no real shock that Cancers and Pisces also make natural kindred spirits. Both signs are naturally in tune with their emotions and appreciate emotional sincerity, so friendship and kindness come instinctively between the two of them. However, both Cancers and Pisces are capable of giving a lot emotionally but also need a lot of emotional support given back to them. That level of need can be difficult for more austere and reserved signs, but these two signs can absolutely handle it and are more than willing to share that support, which can make for a good romantic relationship but is really the kind of relationship that most people would love out of a long term friendship.

6 Taurus And Capricorn

If there are two signs that are the most grounded in reality, it's hard to beat a Taurus or a Capricorn. Both signs are very focused on building their own lives in exactly the way they want them to be, and while a lot of other signs might not love their obsession with dotting every I and crossing every T it's something that Tauruses and Capricorns sincerely enjoy.

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In romantic relationships both signs can be helped by pairing with a dreamier and more romantic sign, but when it comes to genuine long term friendships Capricorns and Tauruses are a bit of a match made in heaven but designed to work their best on solid ground.

5 Leo And Sagittarius

A pair of fierce fire signs is always an explosive combination, and it's no surprise that the more passion driven signs of the zodiac tend to be drawn to one another. A coupling of a Leo and a Sagittarius can be something special under any circumstance and they definitely make for fine romantic partners, but a lot of potential struggle and conflict can be avoided by just staying friends. They'll always feel deeply connected and can handle each other's intensity, but when Leos and Sags stay pals they don't have to worry about competing with one another for the spotlight or competing with one another for who gets to be the dominant one in the relationship.

4 Virgo And Scorpio

Both Virgos and Scorpios like to play their cards close to the vest, but they're almost always packing a deadly hand. While they often appear low key to outside observers (an appearance that is almost always intentional) they are actually two exceptionally powerful signs that might be hard for other signs in the zodiac to handle and get a solid read on. But what makes this combination such a particularly magical friendship combination is the fact that Virgo is probably one of the most naturally loyal signs in the zodiac, and there is no sign that values loyalty more intensely than Scorpio.

3 Aquarius And Aries

Sometimes the natural quirkiness of an Aquarius can be hard for other zodiac signs to handle or even wrap their head around, but the super headstrong Aries is intrigued by that unique personality. Aquarius is usually intrigued by Aries because they're an exceptionally bold sign, and while they're not always as off the wall as the typical Aquarius is they have an instant and consistent mutual respect because they're both so fiercely committed to being who they are. And while most signs value harmony above all else, the combination of Aries and Aquarius are more than willing to disagree and not see eye to eye if it's in service of supporting each other's self fulfillment.

2 Pisces And Virgo

Signs that oppose each other on the zodiac wheel can have some complex relationships with one another, and in a strange way they're all capable of reaching the highest highs and lowest lows with each other. But one opposing relationship that has a particularly intriguing connection is that of Virgo and Pisces. Both signs are particularly peaceful and pleasant, and they both deeply understand the urge to just get along with everyone. They're also big softies at heart, and while that makes some more aggressive and inconsiderate zodiac signs can take advantage of that they both have a strong desire to keep things genuinely kind. They understand the true meaning of friendship, which is why their friendships are built to last.

1 Sagittarius And Libra

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign that is the most natural traveler, wanderer, and explorer, and that is an attitude they like to carry in every aspect of their life. Libras have a similar attitude towards the world that they sometimes express in different ways, but the pairing of Sagittarius and Libra will lead to a journey of self discovery and exploration of all things new and exciting. When it comes to a long term romantic partnership their urge to constantly be on the move and bounce from interest to interest can make constant companionship difficult, but what makes a Libra and Sagittarius friendship work so well is that no matter where they go and what they do they can reunite without skipping a beat.

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