The 10 Best Drugstore Makeup Brands, Ranked

Makeup can be costly, and some of us prefer to use drugstore brands to save a couple of dollars. Some laugh at the absurdity of it and claim that the products sold are garbage due to their low quality, but we have to say that we disagree. There are quite a few of these drugstore brands that work phenomenally well for the price.

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We have ranked some of these brands, so the next time you are in a pinch, you know exactly what to buy. They may not be as great as the expensive makeup from places like Sephora, but they will still make you look beautiful. Keep reading to learn about the ranking of the ten best drugstore makeup brands!

10 Neutrogena

Neutrogena is known for their line of skincare products, but they also make some pretty great makeup as well. Their products combine their wonderful skincare products with a line that was designed to turn you into a better you.

This company makes things like hydrating foundation sticks, eye shadow infused with vitamin E, and different types of eyeliner depending on your makeup preference. You could apply a gel or go with something that will enable you to create the perfect smokey eye, and it all comes at a price that won't break the bank.

9 NYC New York Color

It depends on what you buy, but this brand tends to be very reliable and on the lower end of your makeup budget. They have foundations, lipsticks, eyeliner, and several eye shadow palettes that work for every occasion.

Their items are generally priced at around $5 depending on what you buy, which is always better than the $70 you would have spent if you had gone elsewhere. It will be an experiment of trial and error, but once you find something you like, you will never be able to go anywhere else but the drugstore for your makeup.

8 Physician's Formula

This brand began when Dr. Frank Crandall created makeup for sensitive skin that his wife, who suffered from lupus, was able to use. People today love to pick up their products from the local drugstore as the items are cheap at less than $20, and they work wonders on their skin.

A few favorites that customers adore include butter blush, a lash booster, and lipsticks. You can't go wrong with their tested products, and there are plenty of product reviews online to help you determine if one of their items is right for you.

7 Almay

The best product this company makes is a concealer that will help hide all of your imperfections. It is the perfect thing to buy when you are in a pinch and need a way to cover that ugly patch of acne despite leaving your usual concealer back at home.

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Customers also rave about the numerous powders they have created, as well as their signature eye pencil. Many things tend to dip below the mark, but everyone can agree that they know their stuff when it comes to hiding a person's flaws.

6 E.L.F.

Many people associate this brand with their first makeup experience due to its affordability and wide range of products that any teen could buy. This is why many choose to avoid this brand, but this is a huge mistake as they create several amazing products.

They make one of the best primers at this price range, and their foundation isn't half bad either as both stand the test of time. You might want to stay away from their powder and eyeliner, but there are other drugstore brands you can turn to instead to make up for this letdown.

5 Revlon

This is one company that understands how to make an amazing product at a price that everyone can afford. Most people choose to buy their lipsticks due to their numerous shades and the ability to last all day.

They also make other things like lip stains, foundations, eye shadow palettes, and even a gel liner that provides a nice finish to rival expensive brands. Many of their products are priced below $10, which is why it is the perfect thing for you to buy when you want to stay within your budget.

4 Nyx

These products range anywhere from $3 to $25, and they are exceptional for the price point. They do have some bad products that people generally avoid, but the majority of their sales end with great reviews.

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A few things you should be buying include HD powders, liquid eyeliners, setting spray, blush palettes, and a variety of lip glosses. You really can't go wrong with this brand, which is why it is a staple in many households.

3 Covergirl

This is a company many of us recognize due to their consistent advertising over the years, and it is actually something you should be throwing your money at. Some rely on this brand entirely for their entire makeup regime, and some of their best products are things like mascara, primers, eyeliner, and foundation.

People love how they infuse elements like sunscreen and hyaluronic acid into their products, as these both help protect and improve your skin throughout the day.

2 Maybelline New York

This brand is near the top of our list because most people can complete an entire look by using just products from this line. Customers love the concealer, foundation, and some of their eye shadow palettes, but many people have an issue with it as they are not cruelty-free.

They sell their products in China, which mandates testing on animals, so they only test in this way when necessary. This may hurt your view of them and your support, but their products and avoidance of these procedures in the states will probably change your mind.

1 L'Oreal Paris

This brand is at the top of our ranking of drugstore makeup brands as they have such a wide selection to choose from. Reviewers have raved about their foundation as they continue to buy it again and again as they have colors to match every skin tone.

They also have some great lip palettes and lipsticks that women adore as they seem to stain lips and last throughout the day. Their eyeshadows can be a bit hit-or-miss, but this little letdown won't stop customers from choosing them as their go-to drugstore makeup brand.

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