The 10 Best Celebrity Owned/Endorsed Makeup Brands

We have all seen celebrities endorsing makeup brands or heard stories about them starting their own lines, but which ones should we actually use? There are plenty of brands out there already and celebrities have attempted to dip their toes into the waters of the makeup industry. Many of them don't make it, but there are a select few that you should be using regularly.

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The makeup brands we have listed are phenomenal and have the ability to transform you into your best self. The colors may be exceptional, or the way it melds itself to your skin may provide for a flawless look. Keep reading to learn about the ten best celebrity-owned or endorsed makeup brands!

10 Kora Organics

This makeup line was created by Miranda Kerr, a model who gained prominence by working with Victoria's Secret. This line has won several awards as it gears towards using only organic products to keep skin healthy.

She believes that the first step to a more beautiful you is by helping your skin become the healthiest it can be. It is stocked in stores around the world, and her brand has gained such a following because it brings results. A few of her products include noni lip tints and treatments, as well as facial mists to regenerate any lost hydration.

9 Fenty Beauty

This is Rhianna's new cosmetics line, but it is something you have to check out. The makeup is not only phenomenal but it's the number of shades she has incorporated into her brand to help people find their perfect match that really makes it stand out.

If you are in the market for a new or better foundation, then this is where you should look. She has incorporated what she wanted into her line and people everywhere are eating it up. Her products have a short shelf life that only attests to its overall popularity and great reviews.

8 Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore brought makeup to life when she created this line that was meant to empower women. She wanted a product that women could use to transform into their best selves that wouldn't break the bank. Her brand has won several awards from magazines like Allure, Brides, and Women's Health.

This is an outstanding accomplishment on her part as she continues to this day to take the world by storm with her powdered blush, eye shadow palettes, and petal pout lip masks. Women have used these products and see how it brings out their inner beauty, which is why her line is one of the greatest.

7 Honest Beauty

Jessica Alba is all about creating products that are environmentally friendly, which is why she created The Honest Company. She creates products that enhance a female's feminine beauty that is safe for everyone to use. She never tests on animals, it is entirely vegan and boasts that it is also hypoallergenic. It lasts for eight hours and always pulls through to give the wearer that all-day natural look.

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Her shades do not dive off the deep end like some other companies, rather, she focuses on slight variations in tones of natural shades. She hopes to bring out the subtle beauty in women so they can embrace their beauty, instead of covering it up with loads of product.

6 Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham Collection

Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon, and now she has her own collection with Estee Lauder. It consists of fifteen pieces and focuses on four cities who shaped who she is today. She chose London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York as her muse when she collaborated with this makeup mogul to come up with this endorsed line.

A few of our favorites include the Morning Aura Illuminating Creme and the various shades of eyeshadows included in her collection. She is truly an inspiration as she fulfilled her dream of having her own makeup line and inspires us by helping to create the perfect looks she had always dreamed of making.

5 Kylie Cosmetics

If you haven't heard of this brand then you must be living under a rock, because Kylie Jenner's name and cosmetics line are everywhere. She started with lip kits, and after those flew off of the shelves she expanded her product line to include other things like eyeshadow, face setting spray, and concealer.

If lipsticks are your thing than her line is perfect for you because there are colors for every style. She understands makeup and the pleasing effects it can have, which is why she has become so successful and garnered such a large following.

4 Illuminate

This company is run by Ashley Tisdale and her goal is to simplify beauty so fewer people find themselves lost in the makeup aisle. This is another company that doesn't test on animals and has several tutorials to help customers understand the best way to use her products for an effortless look.

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The best products to buy from her are her palettes that are labeled based on the occasion or look someone might be trying to achieve. Her line also leans toward more natural looks, compare to pops of color, and the masses are sold based on its amazing outcomes.

3 KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian West decided to follow in her sibling's footsteps when she decided to launch her own cosmetics line. It is not nearly as popular as Kylie's, but it is still worth a second look.

She is known for her excellent contouring, and her line is no different as it gives everyone the opportunity to look as good as she does. If you want your cheekbones to pop and a certain glow then some of her products will help you achieve your goal.

2 Kat Von D

Kat Von D is an all-around player in the celebrity world as she creates incredible tattoos on her reality show and is a dedicated vegan. She has taken her finesse in the tattoo world and brought some of her skills to the makeup scene. Her products not only perform when put to the test, but all of those fine lines and intricate designs you wanted to create are finally possible.

She focuses on pigments and longevity and fans love the fact that she refuses to test her products on animals. You can find everything from long-lasting lipsticks to refractive holographic palettes. Kat is dedicated to her brand and after using a few of her products you won't ever buy cheap versions of her makeup again.

1 Iman Cosmetics

Iman is a supermodel and her line is utterly different because it was created with women of color in mind. She understood the difficulty of finding the right makeup and decided to create her own as an alternative.

Her bestsellers include things like bronzer and powder, but her lipstick and eyeshadow pencil is also at the top of the charts. She continues to stock the shelves with great products, and their site even provides tips and tricks for creating the perfect look.

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