Bésame Launches Two Mickey Mouse-Inspired Lipstick Shades For The Cartoon Character's 90th Anniversary

U.S. based cosmetics brand Bésame is launching two Mickey Mouse-inspired lipstick shades in celebration of the famous mouse's 90th anniversary. The limited edition lipsticks have been created in close collaboration with Disney, and they are arriving with perfect timing for Christmas shopping. Bésame is not the first nor the only company to celebrate Mickey Mouse's birthday with some special product releases, but being the vintage loving brand they are, it might be the most anticipated of them all.

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One of Besamé's new lipstick shades is called 'Mickey Red Lipstick', and the other color is called 'Ink and Paint Lipstick'. Mickey Red is a lovely red shade and has the same creamy formula as many other Bésame lipsticks. The color is an exact match to the red in Mickey Mouse's shorts and shoes and is described to have an undertone of strawberry pink, which creates the perfect red lip for the holidays. The Ink and Paint comes across surprisingly goth looking with its deep black shade, which is a nod to how Mickey Mouse was originally drawn in black-and-white. This color adapts to the pH of the wearer and comes on in a lovely berry tone, and The Ink and Black has a lovely blackberry flavor to go with its' dark shade.

As reported by Allure, both Mickey Red and Ink and Paint are packaged in lovely vintage metal cases, with painted retro Mickey Mouse artwork from the classic 1930's animations. The lipsticks are available separately for $24, but can also be bought in a kit called 'Mickey Mouse Lipsticks and Mirror Set' for $50.

Via: Besamecosmetics.com

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Bésame is no stranger to special vintage-inspired collections like the Mickey Mouse collection. They have even collaborated with Disney in two previous collections consisting of plenty more products than this one. In their Snow White collection, there are lipsticks, lip balms, a mini lipstick set, and makeup bags that look like old-fashioned books. Their other Disney collection 'Mermaid Lagoon' is inspired by the mermaids from Peter Pan, and it includes lipsticks, bronzer, an eyeshadow palette and much more.

As opposed to the previous Disney collections the Mickey Mouse lipsticks will only be available for a limited time, so anyone who wants to make sure they get one of these, act fast!

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