Bésame Cosmetics Collaborates With Disney For Vintage Peter Pan Anniversary Collection

On November 5th, Bésame Cosmetics launched their Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Collection. The collection is the result of a collaborative effort with Disney to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the classic animated film. The products and packaging are inspired by the pastel colors and surreal aesthetics of Mermaid Lagoon in Neverland.

Bésame was founded by designer, artist, and cosmetic historian Gabriela Hernandez, who was fascinated with vintage makeup and wanted to bring similar products to today’s beauty enthusiasts. The company specializes in collections inspired by the products in your grandmother’s vanity with a touch of modern glamour.

Since Bésame’s first Disney-inspired Snow White Collection was immensely popular, expect the new products in the Mermaid Lagoon Collection to be in high demand this holiday season. Each pigment in the collection is specifically based on the real paints that the animators used to create the scenes in Mermaid Lagoon. The collection includes the Treasures of the Lagoon Shadow Palette with eight colorful shades, the Golden Sand Bronzer, and the Pearl Shimmer Shell Compact. It also includes three lipsticks, with adorable names like Waterlilly Blosson Red, Starfish Pink, and Mermaid Kiss. Mermaid Kiss is a sheer, pearly finish that can be worn alone or over another lipstick to give your look a little extra sparkle.

On Black Friday, Bésame will also launch another addition to the collection: the Waterfall Mist Fragrance. This perfume carries notes of lemon mint, green floral, violet rose, and beeswax, and this fresh scent evokes the feeling of relaxing under a waterfall and enjoying the natural beauty of a lagoon. Naturally, the bottle is a mermaid figurine. The figurine is accurately modeled after drawings from Disney’s animation archives, and she is even hand painted for a personal touch. When it comes to attention to detail, there is no brand like Bésame.

The Mermaid Lagoon Collection is currently for sale online and at the Bésame store in Burbank, California. The prices for the individual products range from $24 to $48, or you can purchase the entire makeup bundle for $193. The fragrance retails for $48 and will be sold separately.

Are you a huge fan of vintage makeup? Will you be choosing any fun new products from the Mermaid Lagoon Collection? Let us know in the comments!


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