Is Waking Up At 5 AM The Key To Happiness?

Success. Many of us want it, and we'll stop at nothing to get it - as long as it doesn't involve actual work, because who wants to do that, right? Luckily for us, there might be a quicker way to rewire our brains that doesn't involve burning the midnight oil. In fact, numerous sources say that the key to a happier, more productive life is going to bed early and getting up early. Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly wakes up at 3:45 am to run his tech empire, Vogue editor Anna Wintour is out hitting tennis balls by 5:45 am and Richard Branson is also part of the quarter-to-six club. Numerous other celebs and entrepreneurs also attest to the benefits of getting up early, from Oprah Winfrey to Michelle Obama. So, is getting up at 5:00 am the key to success?


According to the Independent, adding these extra hours to your day when the rest of the world is sleeping gives you a headstart. By the time everyone else is waking up, you've already worked out, had breakfast and set yourself up for the day. You might have even replied to those pesky emails and be in full-swing come 9:00 am. By ignoring the urge to hit the snooze button repeatedly and jump out of bed at the last second, you're giving yourself the time you need to really wake up without the stress of skipping breakfast and rushing out of the door half-prepared.

Author and life coach Robin Sharma recently wrote a best-selling book on the subject, called The 5 AM Club, sharing the benefits of waking up at the crack of dawn. Robin's motto? "Be wise, early rise." Along with getting up at 5:00 am, Sharma encourages his clients and readers not to eat after 7:00 pm, not to lounge in bed when the alarm goes off (no matter how much you want to) and to aim to be in "world-class physical condition." The fitter you are, he writes, the easier it will be for you to get out of bed in the mornings, and the more ready you will feel to face your day.

If it works for Michelle, who are we to argue?

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