New Benefit All-In-One Brow Tool Is A Multi-Click Pen Straight Out Of The '90s

Achieving the perfect brows is a process that takes time, practice, and several tools. You’ve got to pluck them, shape them, style them, fill them in, and maybe add a bit of highlight for good measure. Luckily, Benefit Cosmetics has made the lives of brow connoisseurs so much easier with their new brow product—four tools in one pen! It works just like those popular multi-ink pens from the '90s, except the canvas is the face.

The Brow Contour Pro ($34) contains two brow shades (one light and one dark) to give brows depth and dimension. In addition, there is an edge-defining color and a highlighting color. Benefit boasts that this product will turn shapeless, flat-looking brows into defined and contoured brows quickly and effortlessly. The Brow Contour Pro comes in five different color options—blonde light, brown light, brown medium, brown-black light, and brown-black deep.

Benefit’s new product isn’t exactly a pen or pencil, but more of a pomade, according to PopSugar. The tool will not create hair strokes like a pen or pencil would, so blending is very important. Benefit suggested using a brow spoolie to brush both the lighter and deeper shades through your brows and then using your ring finger to blend out the highlighter and definer shades.

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So, how does the tool work, exactly? According to Allure’s step-by-step Brow Contour Pro guide, the defining shade should come first to outline the brow. The lighter shade can then fill in the bulk of the brows, followed by the deeper shade. Allure suggested using the definer shade as a type of eraser if you accidentally add too much of one shade. Finally, the highlighter should be used under the brow arch.

The definer shade was inspired by a recent brow trend, called “brow carving.” Beauty Instagrammers have been tracing the edges of their brows with a smooth barrier that causes the brows to stand out. Brow carving first appeared during Instagram user @Alexalink’s “1000 days of makeup challenge”, and other users soon followed suit.

The Brow Contour Pro was just released this week online only at Sephora.com and Benefitcosmetics.com.

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