Bella Hadid Has Absolutely No Plans On Getting Any Plastic Surgery

Regardless of what you think about the modeling industry as a whole, American supermodel Bella Hadid is a recognizable and well-known presence. She's walked many fashion shows (including the iconic Victoria's Secret fashion show) and continues to remain popular due to her stunning looks and hard work ethic.

As to be expected, the former gets a ton of attention from both fans and critics alike. Models are supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous, and Hadid is no exception to this well-known fact. But due to her beauty and massive popularity, critics and Internet trolls continue to question whether or not her looks have been artificially enhanced.

According to Hadid, she has no plans on getting plastic surgery anytime soon. She's even gone so far as to say that just the prospect of plastic surgery terrifies her. She also mentioned in the past that she doesn't want lip fillers because she's scared that doing so will mess up the rest of her face. Her mother- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid- has also chimed in to say that neither Bella nor her sister (fellow American supermodel Gigi Hadid) has considered getting plastic surgery.

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Despite Bella Hadid's claims, however, plastic surgeons are still convinced that she's had some amount of work done. Their claims include Botox, brow lift, facial reconstruction, lip filler, and even a nose job. Clearly, plastic surgeons aren't buying Hadid's statements of her not considering plastic surgery.

To be fair, a lot of different things can change a person's face without having to go under the knife. The right lighting, makeup application and photo editing can enhance and improve's one face in numerous ways. While these are temporary adjustments, more permanent ones include aging and weight loss. These last much longer, and are expected to happen as one grows older.

As for Hadid, she's never let the criticism or cyberbullying get to her. She continues to maintain that she never has, and never will get any kind of plastic surgery. Instead of focusing on such negativity, Hadid focuses her energy on work and family. Whether you believe her claims or not, it's hard to deny that not worrying about what critics think of her is the best thing she can do for herself.

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