Bella Hadid Has Her Hate On For Selena Gomez; Deletes Her Instagram Comment

Bella Hadid seems to have her hate on for Selena Gomez. This weekend, Selena Gomez posted a kind comment on Bella’s Instagram account, but the supermodel responded by promptly taking down the entire post.

The two have been at odds for just over two years now, with all this drama stemming from the fact that they were both romantically involved with Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd.

3 The Post

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The Instagram post that spurred this recent rivalry was actually a pleasant and supportive one. Bella Hadid posted an image of herself in a recent photo shoot with Dior. Selena Gomez respond favorably by posting the comment” Stunning” along with a heart-eyed emoji.

That was seemingly enough to upset Bella. Immediately after the comment by Gomez went up, Bella made sure the entire post came down.

2 Previous Social Media Spats

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These two ladies have been caught amidst social media wars in the past, according to Elle Magazine’s reports. In January of 2017, it was revealed that Gomez and The Weeknd were dating, which prompted Bella to immediately unfollow Gomez. That was seemingly the beginning of their social media spats.

Just a few months later, in March, both Gomez and The Weeknd made the bold move of un-following Hadid, further demonstrating their dedication to one another.

1 The Message Is Clear

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It seems that Gomez started re-following Hadid recently, and this recent comment clearly shows she wasn’t blocked by Hadid. However, if Bella’s recent action was intentional, she has definitely sent the message that correspondence with Gomez is not welcome.

Teen Vogue suggests this may not be a case of bad-blood, and it may just be a post that Bella took down for different reasons. Given the history these two women have online, anything is possible. We’re tuned in to see what will happen next in the Instagram war between Hadid and Gomez.

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