Behind The Design Will Show A New Side Of Joanna Gaines

As they say in interior designer circles, out with the old and in with the new. That mantra seems to apply to shows about interior design, especially with news that the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper will be soon be disappearing from the cable channel's broadcast schedule. But for fans of the show, especially its host Joanna Gaines, they can relax. Joanna and her husband Chip, who did much of the heavy lifting in the previous show, will be back in Behind the Design, a series created to pick up where the previous show left off.

Slated to premiere April 10 with a 15-episode run, Behind the Design isn't merely a spin-off in name only. The show revisits some of the renovated abodes from Fixer Upper and focuses on what Joanna does to spruce up the upgraded digs. From paint colors to curtain fabrics, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the choices made by Joanna, including designs she's never before revealed to her dedicated viewers.

Joanna will ensure that the design process is vividly showcased step by step, taking into consideration such elements as room shape and size, as well as accents created to show off the amenities of the home's renovations. Programmers initially wanted to introduce the show in 2017, but balked at launching. The decision to start Behind the Design makes it convenient to feature each home in its next stage of interior development.


Joanna is known by viewers as having an eye for vintage items to bring out the best of a home's surroundings and has been a boon to the couple's renovation business, which has expanded, thanks to their airtime on HGTV. But they're not all about the work. The duo recently launched a new restaurant called Magnolia Table in their hometown of Waco, TX.

Joanna also has put out a cookbook, continues to distribute her Magnolia Home furniture line across the country, as well as home decor merchandise carried at Target. And while husband Chip is prepping for a marathon, Joanna is also pregnant with the family's fifth child.

That's one prolific family, for sure.

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