Before The Hunger Games: 20 Rare Photos Of A Young Jennifer Lawrence

Today, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. An A-lister with an impressive list of movie titles under her belt, including Red Sparrow, The Silver Linings Playbook, and The Hunger Games franchise, Jennifer Lawrence grew up in Kentucky. Though she is now famous all over the world, J-Law still likes to spend time at home in Kentucky with her family, as if nothing has changed.

Jennifer Lawrence has always been beautiful, and you can tell from photos of her early years that she was always destined for stardom. That said, she does look quite different today from how she looked in high school! Keep reading to see 20 rare photos of a young Jennifer Lawrence that were taken long before she did The Hunger Games.

20 Driving A Car


We can’t get over how different Jennifer Lawrence looks in this photo taken in her younger years. One thing hasn’t changed, though. That’s Jen’s sultry look. Even in her early years, she knew exactly how to connect with the camera and stand out. Definitely a future model in the making!

19 With Her Friends


In this photo taken with a group of her friends in her teens, Jennifer Lawrence looks just like any other teenager. And we’re not used to seeing those blonde curls! From the looks of things, this photo may have been taken on a school or holiday trip from her high school years.

18 Ever The Sporting Fan


Judging by this photo, Jennifer Lawrence is a major sporting fan! She probably can’t go to watch games from the bleachers like she could when she was in high school now, considering she’s a major star and she’d be recognized in two minutes, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she still liked to sneak out to a few games.

17 Early Modeling Shots


Before we knew her as a mega movie star, J-Law was a model. It was through her career as a model that she started rising to prominence, before earning major movie roles. As we know, one of her most famous roles is that of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.

16 Yearbook Photo


You know you’re destined to be a movie star when you look this good in your yearbook picture! Most people look painfully awkward in their yearbook photos (speaking from experience). The fact that Jen still looks glowing here tells a lot about her natural star power. And we’re secretly loving those earrings.

15 Prom Night

Bored Bug

Every teenage girl hopes she looks like a princess at her prom, but dreams don’t always turn to reality. Most of us cringe when looking back on our prom pictures, but Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t look bad in these pictures at all! That dress may not be one of the designer gowns that she’s used to wearing now, but she still looks beautiful.

14 J-Law And Her Frosting


If you’ve heard Jennifer Lawrence talking in interviews, you’ll know that she’s not the type of actress who starves herself— denies herself frosting— and spends all day agonizing over her look (or what people think of her). It looks like she’s always been that way, and we love her all the more for it.

13 Before The Hunger Games


When pre-fame photos of celebrities emerge, we kind of hope that they look less perfect than they usually do. Then we can feel a bit better about all our imperfections! That’s not going to happen with Jennifer Lawrence! She looks every bit as stunning in these early modeling shots as she always does.

12 One Of Her First Photoshoots

E! News

Again, Jennifer Lawrence’s early modeling shots do nothing to help our self-esteem. This is clearly a girl who was meant for stardom! Even with a fresh face and hair that hasn’t been glammed up, she still looks stunning. She looks different from how she looks today, but she's still a total beauty!

11 From Her High School Days

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We can’t stop looking at this picture from Jennifer Lawrence’s high school days. She looks just like a regular teenager– but, of course, with that touch of star quality that only J-Law has. After seeing celebrities starring in movies and walking down red carpets, it’s always strange to see them looking like regular people!

10 In A Dorm


This photo looks like it was taken around the same time as one of the earlier shots, the pic that may have been taken on a school or holiday trip. Here, Jen just looks like any other kid in a dorm fooling around with her friends. Does anyone else think she should rock her natural curls more often?

9 Always Making People Laugh

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The thing that we love the most about Jennifer Lawrence is that she’s got one of the best senses of humor in Hollywood. And that’s super rare for a movie star! She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is always cracking a joke. From this photo, it looks like it’s always been that way.

8 More Flexible Than You


Just when you thought that Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t be any more amazing! We haven’t seen her be this flexible since she’s been in Hollywood, but maybe we’ll see her star as a gymnast soon. We bet that flexibility helped her when she was starring as a ballerina in Red Sparrow.

7 Hollywood-Ready Smile

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This might be one of our favorite old Jennifer Lawrence photos ever, for two main reasons! One, you can clearly see in this photo how much the camera loves Jen and how she perfected that Hollywood smile early on. It’s just a natural talent! And two, we love how happy she looks here.

6 At The Gas Station

Bored Bug

How many people would be pumping gas in their prom dress? Apart from Jennifer Lawrence, not many! We’re not sure if this was taken before or after the prom, but that’s definitely the same dress she was wearing at prom. It looks like she’s always been carefree and down to earth.

5 Jen And A Horse


What a gorgeous horse! This photo looks like another one of Jennifer Lawrence’s early modeling shots from her pre-fame days. We love the darker tones in her hair, but she also looks amazing with the cooler blonde. She’s just one of those people who looks good with any kind of hairstyle!

4 Top Modeling Skills

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Jennifer Lawrence has always had modeling skills. That can’t be disputed. There are a whole bunch of people in this picture, but our eyes are immediately drawn to Jen in the middle. She definitely knows how to draw attention, whether it’s using her looks or her sense of humor. Go, girl!

3 Tangled With A Friend


In this photo, Jen looks just a little bit tangled with a friend! We think this photo was taken around Christmas time because they look like they’re holding Christmas lights. Maybe that’s why they look so happy! Jen also looks super young and fresh-faced here. She has such a gorgeous smile!

2 The Perfect Student


We’re sure that Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect student in high school. She might have looked something like this in her classes, but maybe not as perfectly styled. Although we wouldn’t be surprised if she was! This is one of her early modeling shots and, as always, she looks so beautiful.

1 Still As Goofy As Ever


There are many words to describe Jennifer Lawrence, and one of them is goofy. Even though she’s one of the most highly acclaimed actresses of our time, Jen still doesn’t take herself too seriously and acts like a total goofball sometimes. And judging from these photos, she has always loved to make people laugh!

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