Becca Kurfin's Ex Is A Babe And The Internet Wants More

The Bachelor is one of our guilty pleasures. No matter how hard we might want to, we just can't stop watching the drama unfold.

When it was revealed that one of the final three girls vying to synch Arie Luyendyk Jr was going to be blindsided by a visit from an old boyfriend, we could barely contain ourselves. The show kept it under wraps, leaving the possibility wide open.

If I ever get to Heaven, it’ll look something like this.

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Becca Kurfin was the unlucky lady surprised by an ex, but while she may have hated it, the public loved it. Why? The guy was a straight up hunk. Ross Jirgl burst onto our screens in the penultimate episode and ever since then, the internet has been dying to find out more. According to Popsugar, Becca's one time lover is from Wisconsin, but lives on the West Coast for his job as a sport performance coach at Stanford University - that explains his killer body. From a quick look at his Instagram it's evident that he's keen on traveling, having shared snaps from Alabama, Ontario, and Australia. He also enjoys fishing with his father and brother - what's better than a guy that loves his family?

This television appearance wasn't Ross' first, as he previously attended the filming for the game show Let's Make a Deal. While Becca obviously wasn't thrilled with her surprise (she and Arie had just told each other they loved each other on a cozy romantic date), we can't help but thank the TV gods that Ross was placed onto our screens.

Fans of the show will have to wait until Monday's finale episode to find out who the Dutch-born auto racing driver will propose to, but don't be swayed by the exchange with Becca. Arie eliminated 26-year-old Kendall Long after telling her he was "falling for her" - he also told the other finalist Lauren Burnham the same thing. This game is wide open.



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