Beautyblender Releases Powder Puff To Make Baking A Breeze

Beautyblender, the genius brand behind those egg-shaped blending sponges that changed the makeup game forever, just launched another new product. The Power Pocket Puff, also known as the Powder Puff 2.0, is basically an updated version of those old-fashioned makeup sponges your grandmother probably owned in her 20s.

The Power Pocket Puff ($15) is a multi-tasking tool designed to make baking and setting the face even easier. The hot pink plush side of the puff contains fibers that hold onto the right amount of powder to be buffed and dispersed across the face. This side is also perfect for baking and setting. The other side, which is tan, buffed, and suede, re-blends makeup for a smooth finish. This side also has a convenient strap that slides over fingers for a precision grip and adequate coverage so that you do not smudge the makeup.

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The Power Pocket Puff takes on Beautyblender’s classic hand-held teardrop shape, rather than a usual puff’s round shape, for easier access to hard-to-reach places like the sides of the nose. The teardrop shape is also great for contouring and sculpting cheeks. According to Bustle, the puff is not meant to replace your classic beauty blender. Instead, you should use both to enhance your overall visage.

The classic hot pink sponge was created by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva to provide a flawless, perfectly-blended makeup look. When using the classic beauty blender, it should first be wet until completely saturated and then squeezed to release excess water. It should then be gently patted across the skin, not rubbed—in an interview with Birchbox, Silva referred to this process as “stippling.” Stippling deposits makeup and blends it at the same time. It can be dragged across the skin, but for a different purpose—dry sponges are great for buffing away too much blush or foundation, like an eraser. The beauty blender can also be used to apply moisturizers, SPF, primers, serums, and self-tanners.

The Powder Pocket Puff is available now on beautyblender.com. TrendMood, a popular Instagram account for beauty and makeup news, reported that the puff will be available soon at Sephora, but the date is to be announced.

It’s time to bring back the phrase “powdering our noses.” Let us know in the comments what you think of Beautyblender’s Power Pocket Puff.

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