Research Demonstrates That Beauty Sleep Is A Real Necessity

Thanks to a new study, there is research showing that beauty sleep is not only a real thing, but it is also a necessity.

Have you ever told someone they needed some beauty rest or that you were going to get some beauty sleep as a joke? Well as it turns out a new study that was recently published in the Royal Society Open Science journal indicates that the amount of sleep you get will affect your appearance. It isn't merely about bags under your eyes or lines on your face.

Researchers from The Karolinska Institute conducted the study with 25 students, men, and women, who volunteered for a sleep experiment. All of the participants had to keep track of their sleep throughout the night using a kit given to them by the Institute. The kit was there to monitor two nights of good sleep, which was 7-9 hours of sleep, as well as two nights of lousy sleep consisting of 4 hours or less.

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After each night of recorded sleep, researchers would take pictures of each student. Now instead of merely monitoring the physical change, the study then showed those pictures to a group of people who were not involved in the sleep experiment. Those people were asked to rate each photo based on trustworthiness, health, sleepiness, and, of course, attractiveness.

As predicted those who got less sleep were not only ranked lower, but most of the people in the group went as far as to say they would not even socialize with those who looked sleep deprived. The authors of the study have confirmed that their findings showed acute sleep deprivation and looking tired are directly related to decreased attractiveness.

If you think about it, the study makes sense. You know when you lack sleep you are not at your best, and your physical appearance is always affected. Although the study was small and more research needs to be done, it is safe to say that beauty sleep is a real thing. We should all make getting the correct amount of sleep a priority.

What do you think about the beauty sleep study? How do you feel when you're properly rested, compared to when you are not? Let us know in the comments!

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