Beauty Hacks Gone Wrong: 20 Hilarious Pics Of People Just Trying Their Best

Makeup can be tricky. There's a reason why there are so many tutorials on Youtube and social media for beauty hacks. But even with the guides and tutorials, we still find a way to mess it up. Beauty hacks are supposed to help make our lives easier by giving us new and easy ways to make our makeup look better than ever. But it doesn't always work out that way. Most of the time it can make it all a lot harder.

It takes a lot of time for a girl to get ready! We have mascara, eyeliner, foundation, blush, highlighter, primer, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencils, concealer, face powder, bronzer, setting spray, and fake eyelashes. Beauty hacks are supposed to simplify the process of looking presentable for the outside world but it doesn't always work that way. Still, we'll try and try again to find a beauty hack that magically makes getting ready not so much of a chore.

Some have what it takes to be a beauty blogger and some don't. These bloggers did their best to show off some new beauty hacks but ended up failing miserably. Hopefully, these hilarious makeup mishaps will make you feel better about your own.

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20 Don't Put Red Lipstick On Your Face

via Buzzfeed

This blogger tried out a new Pinterest beauty hack that is supposed to get rid of all signs of under-eye circles with the help of some red lipstick. First, you're supposed to apply foundation, and then you put the lipstick under your eye. You then use a blender brush to blend the lipstick in to make those under-eye circles disappear! Unfortunately, it didn't work exactly like it was supposed to. It's hard to get lipstick to blend and it will probably just end up leaving your face looking red and splotchy. Worst of all, lipstick is incredibly difficult to get off of skin so good luck getting all that off when you're done!

19 Really Fake Eyelashes

via Awesome Inventions

We all wish we had longer eyelashes and we'll do anything we have to in order to get them. However, fake eyelashes can be tricky to put on and it can be even trickier to get them to stay on. Eyelash extensions are expensive and have to be applied biweekly. So how does a girl get long, luxurious lashes like the girls in the magazines? You paint them on of course! This girl thought she'd try to outsmart everyone by painting eyelashes onto her face below her eyebrows. Unfortunately for her, it's pretty obvious that those eyelashes are more of an art project than actual eyelashes. But hey--eyelash extensions are expensive! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

18 100 Layers Of Everything

via YouTube

To be fair, this Youtuber was going to a ridiculous look to begin with so we won't drag her too much. Jenna Marbles is known for her quirky antics but this one takes the cake. In the video, she puts 100 coats of everything on her face: 100 coats of foundation, 100 coats of liquid lipstick, 100 coats of nail polish, 100 coats of spray tan, 100 coats of hairspray, and 100 fake eyelashes. The process took several hours to complete (it's hard enough to try to get one pair of fake eyelashes on) and, in the end, she looked like a monster. This might be something fun to try for a Youtube video but it's definitely not a fashion trend that anyone wants to get in on. It is fun to see how weird it looks though!

17 Craft Glue Face Mask

via Thought.co

If you're going to try a new face mask, make sure it's a face mask that is actually meant to be put on your face. Beauty vlogger Theresa Say What attempted to use Elmer's glue as a face mask to remove blackheads and facial hair and it didn't work out very well for her. It's not a smart idea to put glue on your eyebrows--good luck trying to get it off once it dries! While the glue did remove some blackheads, it's not healthy to put school glue on your face! The worst part of this experiment is that when she peeled off the glue on her eyebrows, some of her eyebrows went with it!

16 Out With A Bang

via metro.co.uk

This Youtuber learned the hard way about how to not cut bangs. First of all, you should never cut your own bangs and second of all, you should definitely not be doing it with an electric hair trimmer. In the video, she combs out her bangs with a comb and then carefully cuts the hair with the trimmer in the hopes of getting some cute fringe bangs. When she's finished cutting, she examines her work and immediately realizes that she messed up big time. What was supposed to be a cute fringe turned out to be a lopsided disaster. This video should be enough evidence to prove that no one should ever cut their own bangs.

15 A Hair And Mayonnaise Sandwich

via LittleThings

Youtuber Ellko has a video series called "Fail or Holy Grail?" and she tries various beauty hacks and tutorials from Pinterest to see if they actually work. In this video, she uses mayonnaise as a conditioner for her hair. Apparently, some people swear by this not-so-appetizing hair conditioning method but even if it did work, would it really be worth the smell? In the end, she finds out that the mayo did actually condition her hair fairly well but it could never compare to an actual conditioner that you can buy at the store. How about we leave conditioner for hair and mayo for sandwiches, okay?

14 Lowbrow Eyebrows

via TopBestPics

Is it possible that this girl wanted to look like this or is it just supposed to be funny? We may never know but what we do know is that there is way too much going on in this picture. Not only is her foundation the wrong color for her skin tone, there's also seems to be too much of it. And she seemed to have missed the mark when it comes to her eyebrows...just a little bit. We won't give her such a hard time cause 1. Our makeup is never flawless either and 2. we're pretty sure this was meant to be for fun.

13 Lowest Quality Eyeshadow Palette Ever

via Diply

Youtuber Youkeyy reviews all kinds of beauty products on her Youtube channel and one of the ones she tried out turned out to be one of the worst ever. In the view, she tries a palette from Face Candy and she described it as the "WORST EYESHADOW PALETTE EVER" according to her video description. When she applies the eyeshadow, she ends up looking like she got two black eyes. This particular eyeshadow was inexpensive but even some of the most expensive brands can still leave a lot to be desired. Sometimes cost doesn't equal quality but, in this case, it definitely does.

12 No Tools For This Vlogger

via YouTube

Whatever is happening here, gives us so much amusement, cause makeup should never be taken so seriously. Have no fear, the above picture is all just a funny joke. Monique Lewis pokes fun at beauty vloggers by doing a parody video. In the video, she rubs the foundation on her face with her fingers saying, "I don't use tools or anything like that. I just use my fingertips, my palms...I don't use any kind of tools because I'm cheap." The video is obviously all a joke but that doesn't stop her from really committing this look. As educational as YouTube beauty tutorials can be, they can also be very easy to make fun of.

11 Lipstick That Sticks Lips

via Awesome Inventions

In this video from Youtuber, Makeupbypita, an unboxing goes terribly wrong. These videos usually include the vlogger opening a subscription box and trying the various products in it for the first time. However, in this video, Pita tries out a liquid lipstick that causes her lips to stick together! Not only is this lipstick sticky but it's also difficult to take off. She tries to take off the caked-on lipstick but it took a bit of time to completely remove. As the lipstick comes off, she mentions that it sounded like rubber and that she had to scrape it off in order to remove it completely.

10 Charcoal Toothpaste Trend

When it comes to beauty products, there has always been trends that would come and go. One of the latest trends to hit the scene is activated charcoal. You can get everything activated charcoal:  face masks, soap, vitamins, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner. But the strangest activated charcoal product is toothpaste! We're not sure whether it works or not but it will definitely leave you looking a little off with the black teeth, but hey it'll make for a funny Instagram pic. We'll have to try it for ourselves to see if it actually works or not.

9 Crash And Burn

Let's be honest, we've all burned ourselves from time to time while we curled or straightened our hair but have you ever burned off some of your own hair? YouTuber Tori Locklear faced this problem when she tried to demonstrate how to curl hair using an extremely hot flat iron on her fine hair. She ends up holding the curl for too long and the hair burns right off. She looks at the screen and then touches her hair and realizes that she took off a chunk of it! Even though the video is an epic fail, it was still uploaded so that we could enjoy the hilarity. The video was first posted in 2013 so hopefully, her hair has grown back by now!

8 A Very Messy Tan

via The Daily Edge

A trend for beauty vloggers is to film themselves applying 100 layers of a certain beauty product for the amusement of their fans. Youtuber Riyad K decided it would be a good idea to apply 100 coats of spray tan onto his face and it ended up looking like a goopy mess. In order to actually apply all of the layers, he would apply one coat and then dry it using a hairdryer. In the description of the video, he says that it took him over an hour to get it all off afterward. That's a lot of spray tan! A commenter on the video quipped, "He looks like a Ken doll... That is melting...." As weird as this stunt is, it ended up garnering over 3 million views on YouTube so he must be doing something right.

7 Sometimes Less Is More

via Vanity Claire

We've all had bad eyebrows at some point in our lives so who are we to throw stones? We are all guilty of having lopsided, uneven eyebrows that are too thin or too thick or too dark and too light. In this case, these two girls painted on a little too much makeup, making it obvious that their eyebrows were shaded in. Most of us shade in our eyebrows but it's important to make it not look too obvious. This could be a case of them trying to dye their eyebrows, but they may have missed the mark just a bit. There's nothing wrong with wanting to fill in your eyebrows but it's important to remember that sometimes less is more.

6 A Bang Up Job

via YouTube

If you haven't guessed it yet, never cut your own bangs! It might seem easier to just grab some scissors and chop them off but it will almost always end up being a mistake. A Youtuber tried to use a weird triangle method to cut her own bangs and, of course, it didn't end well. In the video, the girl carefully gathers in bangs together in her hand and then cuts her hair with some heavy duty scissors and when she snips it, she cuts her hand and drops the scissors. Then she looks at the screen and realizes her mistake. She tries to fix it by combing it out (which doesn't exactly work) and she seems to be in good spirits about it because she starts laughing while she tries to fix it.

5 Stamp Of Disapproval

via Life & Style

When we were growing up, none of us ever thought eyebrows would be such an important part of our lives! Well, now we are all well aware of the harm that bad eyebrows can cause and we'll spend money on eyebrow waxing and hours on trying to get them to look exactly like we want them to. The problem is that the stamps will stain your face if you're not careful--and it can be difficult to get both eyebrows to match. It's just generally not a good idea to cake on dark makeup onto your face because it's going to be very difficult to get off. If you try this, you might as well just use a Sharpie!

4 Just Bee Yourself

via Instagram

Is this an epic fail or an epic win? It mostly depends on your outlook. Nothing says "Save the bees" like turning your eyebrows into bumblebees and this girl went all in! Besides the fact that that this look seems a little ridiculous, the biggest problem with this is that it looks like she may have used actual paint for the yellow and white parts of the bee and that would be difficult to get off--but maybe she never wants it to come off. It can be hard to stand out these days so sometimes it's good to try something different. After all, the following trends can be difficult and exhausting so why not just bee yourself?

3 How Not To Bleach Your Hair

via ThoughtCo.

Youtuber Jasmine Long uploaded a video of her bleaching her hair specifically to show her fans how easy it can be to mess up when bleaching hair. In the description of the video, she added: "This video was uploaded SPECIFICALLY to show you guys what I did wrong in my bleaching process. I had intended on showing you guys the steps I take to bleach my hair and color it, but with my lack of knowledge lead to this video." The problem with her bleaching process was that she accidentally bleached her skin around her hair which is definitely not what you're supposed to do. Hopefully, this video kept a lot of people from making some bad hair bleaching decisions.

2 A Corny Makeup Product

via Woman's Day

A lot of vloggers try to create shocking videos in order to get you to click. Beauty vloggers sometimes use household items as a "secret beauty hack" when it actually doesn't work at all and is, sometimes very bad for your skin. Mirriam Marroquin went to Instagram to show the world whether or not corn starch could be used as a translucent powder which she says helps to keep the foundation to stay on longer. The reason why this is actually bad for your skin is because it's not pre-treated for skin because it's, well, not made for your skin. Because it's food-based, there is also a heightened chance for an allergic reaction to occur.

1 Nailed It

Women's Topic

Applying nail polish can be hard and we all accidentally get the polish all over our hands instead of just on the nails where it belongs. You can try all kinds of hacks and tutorials for nail polish but it would take a miracle for most of us to ever make our nails look even close to the way they do after a visit to the nail salon. In this person's case, the nail polish is all over their fingers and it dried goopy and messy. They were probably trying a new hack to get their nails to look different and trendy, it didn't exactly work in their favor. This may not be a good look but it's definitely a unique one!

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