Beauty Blenders + 19 Other Things That Are Absolute Musts For Girls

There are just some things that a girl needs to have in her beauty arsenal to achieve that effortless appearance. Every woman is beautiful in their own unique way, regardless of the makeup they wear, of course.

But if there are any hardcore fans out there, we've got the deets on every must-own product for this year and beyond. The good news is that many of these are affordable and come in a variety of forms so that they can be tailored to a woman's personal routine.

Some help in the area of skin care while others allow for the flawless application of daily makeup. What both of these have in common is that they're worth it.

Whether a beauty blender or a jade roller has piqued interest, we've got it all covered from start to finish, from the beginning of a makeup routine until the very end. In the world of beauty, nothing is too simple to be overlooked and we've made sure to seek out only the very best and the most deserving of a spot on every woman's vanity shelf.

Without further ado, here are 20 of the most well-loved and highly regarded beauty products that every gal must get her hands on.

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20 Beauty Blender For A Flawless Finish


The hype surrounding beauty blenders was completely called for and you need only use one once to learn of its magical powers.

Beauty blenders are especially great for those with dry skin types, as they cause minimal exfoliation (unlike a brush) when applying foundation.

They can pull double-duty and be used to apply concealer and powder as well. And the best part? They're incredibly affordable, which means having a wide array of shapes and styles to choose from is not unheard of. They'll provide that airbrushed finish without wasting product—just make sure to dampen them before each use and clean them regularly.

19 Tweezers Go A Long Way Without Any Makeup


Filling in brows is a great way to make them look fuller and more uniform, and every girl has a different way of going about this. The best way to maintain brows, though, continues to be through the use of tweezers. As long as caution is exercised to avoid over-plucking, tweezers are an excellent way to maintain a general brow shape while keeping up with stray hairs.

A woman never notices them until they show up in a selfie so now, imagine how much easier they'd be to take care of with a set of tweezers. They're useful for all those randomly-placed hairs we live in denial about, too...

18 A Powder Puff And Good Translucent Powder For On-The-Go Fixes


During the summer especially, oily skin can make a foundation look out of whack, even with a solid layer of powder on top. A quick and easy way to remedy this is by carrying around a translucent powder and a powder puff, such as the set featured above.

Many powders will come with a puff but they're cheap enough to purchase on their own.

This will absorb and prevent any excess oil and shine from sneaking through without affecting the look or placement of foundation. It's a must-have, whether you're out dancing with the girls or hitting up the gym during lunch.

17 A Precision Tapered Brush For Detail Work


It's not clear how much a girl needs one of these babies until she's trying to blend eyeshadow without it. A tapered brush lends itself to a variety of things that aren't limited to blending, however—this can be used to apply shimmer to an empty inner corner, blend out harsh lines, and even throw some shades into a crease.

This versatile brush should be part of everyone's makeup toolkit because you'd be surprised how often you'll reach for it. Anything that pulls double (or triple duty, in this case) is well worth it. It's a great asset for stepping up your makeup game without the need for a professional.

16 Makeup-Remover Sticks


This neat little invention is the work of a genius on Almay's part. If there has ever been a time where you jumped at a noise outside while concentrating (too hard) on a straight eyeliner wing, then you totally understand the need to have a few of these around.

These makeup eraser sticks are an excellent way to get rid of excess makeup that happened to land in the wrong place.

They're also a great tool to use when trying to sharpen up an eyeliner line or sharpen the angle of eyeshadow without wasting a makeup wipe or makeup remover.

15 A (Good) Moisturizing Setting Spray


Makeup isn't perfect and it will likely never be. Because of this, it's not unusual to walk out of the house with a flawless finish and come home eight hours later with streaky eyeliner, patchy foundation, and creased eyeshadow. This depends on the type of makeup as well but more often than not, makeup will, in fact, move throughout the day. The first step to preventing that is a solid primer, but the final deal-sealer is a setting spray. Something moisturizing will help to hold makeup in place while providing a glowy, dewy finish.

Not to mention, your face will smell amazing... Not that anyone should be taking a whiff of it besides you.

14 An Eyelash Curler Transforms Lashes Instantly


While it looks like an intimidating medieval device, an eyelash curler is relatively pain-free. As long as you're careful not to pinch your actual eyelid with it (which is hard to do), it's a great tool to have on-hand.

Curling eyelashes can be so effective that it might even eliminate the need for multiple coats of mascara or the use of any mascara at all.

Those who have been blessed with long eyelashes will notice a significant difference, while those who weren't will likely realize that they do, indeed, have eyelashes. This handy tool is useful to meld real eyelashes with falsies after mascara has been applied, too.

13 Believe The Hype: A Jade Facial Roller


While still a relatively new trend, jade facial rollers are nothing new as far as the notion of increased circulation. By applying light pressure, a jade roller is intended to increase flow to various parts of the face. When done every day (or night), this can lead to a more radiant glow and healthy overall look of the face. However, aside from the health benefits, it also just feels really good.

The cool jade stone provides temporary relief to skin that has been exposed to extreme weather or is in need of some extra TLC. It's a good tool to have on hand to show your skin some much-needed love and attention.

12 A Spoolie, Preferably Double-Ended With An Angled Eyeliner Brush


If you're no stranger to unruly eyebrows hairs, then a spoolie will quickly become your best friend when it comes to taming them.

It's useful for those who fill their eyebrows in as well as those who don't and will comb through each individual hair like nobody's business.

The addition of an angled brush on the opposite end is crucial to achieving that sharp line that everyone craves on IG. The narrower the row of bristles, the better to get that edgy point after the arch of your brow. If nothing else, it's helpful to apply gel eyeliner, too... It's a win-win.

11 A Kabuki Brush Makes Powder Appear Seamless


Not only does a kabuki brush do its job effortlessly, but it also feels really nice on all skin types. This fluffy brush offers benefits in its significant density, allowing makeup-wearers to apply just the right amount of powder to large areas at a time. It's perfect for translucent powder and can be used to wipe away excess powder as well. Most kabuki brushes are the same and can be found by nearly any brand nowadays.

It's easy enough to find mini brushes as well, which are perfect for fitting into your purse for on-the-go applications. Plus, they look really cute.

10 Silicone Exfoliators Improve The Look Of Skin In Just Minutes


This should be a holy grail product in nearly every bathroom. A silicone exfoliator is something that's so simple but makes a world of difference when used at least once a week.

If you ever notice that foundation is going on somewhat uneven and textured, look no further than this tiny scrubby device.

When combined with a liquid exfoliating product or even a facial cleanser, softer skin will not be far out of reach. With some (gentle) circular scrubbing motions, the skin will be naturally exfoliated and left smooth and soft after a minute or so. The suction cup makes it easy to stick to the shower wall or door and it's a great precursor to applying moisturizer.

9 The Face Halo Is Perfect For Eco-Friendly Makeup Removal


The Face Halo garnered plenty of praise as well as some skepticism from those who were untrusting of a small, circular microfiber pad. Somehow, this tiny product produces magic when it comes into contact with water.

Rather than exposing skin to harsh chemicals or makeup removers, this pad has all the capability of its alternatives without the irritation. With added water only, it's been designed to work makeup away from the skin in the most gentle way possible. It can be reused so it's also eco-friendly and is easily washed via makeup remover or by gentle scrubbing by hand.

8 An Eye Roller With Serum Reduces Puffy Eyes


We've all been there—it's allergy season and we're waking up with puffy under eyes and bags that we wish were filled with shoes. The use of an undereye roller can help this tremendously and many companies offer their own variations.

They usually contain essential oils that are targeted to treat inflammation and can be used daily or weekly.

The steel ball on the end always remains cold, providing instant relief to even the most swollen of under eyes. This is great to keep on the nightstand or in the medicine cabinet and can be used even when your eyes aren't puffy.

7 Dermaflash Is Tried And True For Removing Peach Fuzz


The magic lies in the technology behind Dermaflash's revolutionary at-home method. This little device comes at a price, but it's well worth it according to the reviews. It has been praised by those struggling to wax away their peach fuzz only to result in irritation and an unpleasant feeling after such harsh treatment.

Dermaflash does all of that without the need for professional services and from the comfort of your own home. It can be used more than once and is simple enough for those without experience to figure out, making it one of the best options for hair removal currently.

6 A Dense Blending Brush For Eyeshadow


In deference to the other brushes in a woman's makeup collection, a fluffy blender brush must be a front-runner. They come in all types of sizes, colors, and forms, but they all essentially serve the same purpose.

A blending brush will make combining eyeshadow colors a breeze and allow you to achieve that airbrushed look without spending hours trying to figure out how to do it with brushes that just do not serve the same purpose.

They're useful for crease-blending, blending an outside V, merging a lid color and an outer V color, and the list goes on and on. Basically, anywhere you'd like the lines to be soft, that's where your brush should go.

5 Fan Brushes Have Multiple Uses


They're not just for applying highlighter, you know. Fan brushes can be used just as easy to wipe away product as they can to apply it and are tremendously helpful when it comes to whisking away unwanted fallout. They can also be used to sharpen up lines around the outsides of any applied eyeshadow and create sharp lines when it comes to contour.

This, in particular, is helpful when it comes to nose and temple contouring, where the brush needs to be much more narrow and less dense. They do apply highlighter flawlessly, though—so if you're a glowy girl, this should be a frequently-reached for makeup tool.

4 Lash Combs Make Even The Clumpiest Mascara Look Good


Did you ever apply mascara with a thick formula and think, "if only there was some type of mini comb to separate my lashes"? Well, congratulations, you've just joined the ranks of thousands of woman who thought the same thing before discovering this handy tool. It's not revolutionary but it is helpful, even in today's day and age.

A lash comb (also referred to as a brow comb) can be used either prior to mascara application or shortly after in order to separate and lengthen lashes.

This prevents the need to start over in the event that lashes are too clumpy... Because we've all tried to separate them with our fingers before, resulting in a tacky mess.

3 An Angled Blush Brush Will Cut Contours Like A Pro


Although this is called an angled blush brush, it's used heavily in terms of contouring. The density of this brush will pick up more than enough product so that is something to be wary of. It's easy enough to use and the angled design of this brush helps to curve to the natural contour of a woman's face.

It can be used to blend a contour as well in order to create a much more natural shadow, rather than something stark and sharp (unless that's what you're aiming for). It pulls double duty with blush so it doesn't hurt to have a few lying around.

2 Smudging Brushes Are For The Smokey-Eyed Girls


This short, high-density brush works pure magic when it comes to getting a runway-ready smokey eye. It's not as challenging as many people think, as long as you have access to the right tools, and this is one of them.

Smudging brushes are used to smudge kohl-style eyeliner on both the top and bottom lashes in order to, quite simply, "smoke" them out.

This can be used to blend together eyeliner and dark eyeshadow as well in order to create a seamless appearance. On any other day of the week, it's helpful to create a smokey lower lashline for a bold, statement look.

1 Most Importantly, A Brush Cleaner And Platform


With all of these tools comes responsibility, right? In order to avoid soiled brushes that can carry bacteria and other gross things, having access to a proper brush cleaner is key. Silicone scrubby pads are great when it comes to getting out eyeshadow, liner, foundation, and powders that may be stuck in between bristles.

When combined with a brush shampoo or cleanser, they're perfect for an in-depth cleaning (which should be done at least once a week). This duo will rid even the grimiest of brushes of random buildup, leaving nothing but a clean, fluffy brush head ready to go in its place.

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