Beauty Bakerie's 'Cake Mix' Foundation Line Highlights The Beauty Of Deeper Skin Tones

Beauty Bakerie’s Cake Mix foundation line, which launched in April this year, has gone viral this week because of a video on the brand’s social media that featured a woman with a rich skin tone swiping a perfectly-matched dark foundation across her arm. The flawless color match isn’t the only impressive thing about Beauty Bakerie, though. Customers have noticed that, instead of ordering the foundation line from lightest to darkest as most brands do, Beauty Bakerie ordered it from darkest to lightest.

“Mmm sooo creamy! Cake Mix Foundation in shade 3,” the video’s caption on Twitter read. “We SERVE 30 shades numbered 1-59 with 1 being the darkest shade.” Following in the footsteps of brands like Fenty Beauty, Revlon, and Lush, who all expanded their foundation lines to include every possible skin tone, Beauty Bakerie has strived to make Cake Mix inclusive.

Unlike other inclusive brands, however, Beauty Bakerie is the first to order their foundation line in this way. Their reasoning is even more important—they want to highlight the importance of darker skin tones and shed light on a major problem in the beauty industry.

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"For black women in particular, we are reminded everywhere we go, on a daily basis, multiple times throughout the day, that we are second," said Cashmere Nicole, founder and CEO of Beauty Bakerie, in an interview with Teen Vogue. She made an eye-opening point—the shades for women with darker skin tones are always either on the bottom shelf in a beauty store or at the bottom of a list on a beauty website. Nicole wanted to give these women a chance to be number one.

The video that started the discussion has since been watched over 4.75 million times and liked over 119,000 times. Fans of Beauty Bakerie have expressed their approval and support of the brand’s unorthodox labeling, and some have asked for more insight on why they took this crucial step. Beauty Bakerie wrote in response to one user that we are conditioned to think dark to light is the wrong order, but this isn’t the case at all. Another user jumped in and pointed out that color gradients are always dark to light—so Beauty Bakerie is actually doing it right.

Beauty Bakerie also created other products designed for deeper skin tones, such as their Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette ($38). Nicole was inspired to make the palette by her daughter, Jasmyn. Because the two women have different levels of melanin, Nicole often found bronzers for herself, but not her daughter. She designed Coffee & Cocoa for her daughter and those with a similar skin tone to enjoy.

The Cake Mix foundation line is available for $28 on beautybakerie.com. Are you going to pick up a bottle? Let us know in the comments!

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