Australian Artist Creates Beautiful Succulent Nails Made From Real Plants

Instagram is going crazy for succulent nails, thanks to one Australian botanical artist. Her nails are made of legit plants, and the results, though surprising, are stunning. The artist makes jewelry from plants as well, but it is her nail art that has the social media world buzzing.

The look has been dubbed the succulent manicure because the Queensland-based artist is taking nail art to a whole new level. She is creating her signature designs from baby succulents that are attached to one's nails with floral glue. Now that alone is pretty cool, even though the look is definitely an acquired taste.

However, perhaps the best part of the trend is the fact that once the wearer is tired of the nail art, the baby succulents can be planted and go on to live what is being called their "second life". These manicures are giving second chances to tiny succulents after they have done their job of adorning some lucky person's hands. There is no 3D sculpting to this new trend, even though they do look fake in photos, all of the manicures use 100% real live plants.

The reaction from this new trend is mixed on social media. Although people love the unique look, once they find out the nail art is plant-based, most are grossed out by it. Only a slim few are intrigued to try succulent nails. It seems so unnatural to have plants on your nails. How does one even work with succulent nails? Forget the comfort and "ew" factor, we're trying to figure out how a wearer could go about their everyday tasks. Imagine trying to eat with those nails, type on a computer, wash your face, and the list goes on.

Succulent nails are a new trend with a slew of options to choose from. Some are just green, some have color and some even look like the nails have fruit on them. It is all very interesting but is it here to stay or is it a fad that will soon fade away? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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