Should You Get Bangs: Yes Or No, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's the age-old question that has been plaguing women since the dawn of time. Bangs: yes or no? Sometimes a fun change of style is a great way to welcome a new season or period in one's life. Sometimes one needs to say goodbye to a previous version of oneself and the best way to do so is with bangs. Sometimes a person just has a very large forehead and they need something to break up the skin billboard above their eyebrows. But bangs are not for everyone and not all bangs are created equal. Some people look like a doe-eyed Hollywood starlet with bangs while others look like their brother got carried away with the safety scissors. Since the summer is upon us and the need for change is brewing, this article will answer this age-old question once and for all for each sign under the Zodiac.

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12 Aquarius: Yes

Stubborn and extreme, those falling under the Aquarius sign requires change... and a big change at that. We knows very well how pointless it is trying to talk an Aquarius into or out of something so if the Aquarius's of the world have already decided on whether or not they want bangs, there is little the rest of us can do to change their minds.


Bangs are one of the more extreme hair changes that one can undertake with minimal damage and possibility for regret so have it at and good luck with those fringe related goals. A blunt, face framing, full fringe is perfect for someone looking for an extreme change.

11 Pisces: Yes

For the low-maintenance and easy going Pisces, bangs are surprisingly a good choice. Some may say that the care, trims, and styling they require make them more effort than they are worth and that such things may scare away the Pisces of the world. However, bangs are a very simple way to freshen up one's daily do with minimal effort and this simple yet striking change is the perfect way to inject some excitement into one's daily look. Aim for a wispy and shorter fringe to extend the period of time needed between trims for a low maintenance look.

10 Aries: No

As much as we love a good fringe and often encourages those who ask to make the leap (or cut,) bangs may not be the best idea for those who fall under the Aries zodiac type. Since those falling under the Aries umbrella are known for their rash, impulsive, and rarely thought out spontaneous ideas, it is best to avoid drastic and long lasting changes such as a full fringe.


In order to satisfy the need for change but avoid making a rash decision that cannot be quickly undone, consider a faux clip on fringe or maybe twisting one's hair in a way that creates the illusion of bangs.

9 Taurus: No

Since those who fall under the Taurus umbrella are known for their stubborn nature, it is highly unlikely that they will listen to this warning but it needs to be said regardless. Those belonging to the Taurus sign are known for their frugal and low-maintenance nature. And those are not necessarily bad things except for when it comes to bangs. The combination of these traits means that it is very likely that the Taurus girl is going to try and save money by cutting her own bangs. And unless she has a steady hand, good scissors, and years of practice knowing exactly what she likes and how to execute it... it is not going to go well. Skip the regret, skip the tears, and skip the bangs.

8 Gemini: Yes

The fun, curious, kind, and childlike traits that surround the Gemini personality evoke a youthful energy and appearance for which bangs would be a perfect fit. The fun and youthful fringe will be the perfect compliment to the Gemini's playful and soft nature.


Go for a full, blunt, and delicate fringe to achieve this innocent look.

7 Cancer: No

It is important to note that this article is not the law and that everyone has the right to choose any hairstyle for themselves. No one is banning those reading it from getting a fringe and if it is something that one truly desires then we say to go for it. However, sometimes when someone is on the fence about a decision, outside impartial opinions can be a great help to aid people in figuring out exactly what it is that they truly want. For those falling under the Cancer Zodiac sign, their sensitive nature makes getting bangs a risky endeavour for they may be poorly emotionally affected if the haircut goes astray.

6 Leo: Yes

The Leos love to be the centre of attention and the best way to get the attention of an entire room of one's closest friends is to show up to the party with a bold fringe and a red lip. The Leos do not do anything half-kilter. When they commit to something, they follow through and they follow through hard.


No clip on fringes or wispy bangs here. Leo girls who are looking for a jaw dropping change should opt for a thick, blunt, and full fringe for the most dramatic and bold change.

5 Virgo: No

Everyone is prone to the occasional bout of bang envy when their favourite actress or closest friend opts for a fringe and pulls it off with flying colours. However, the hyper-analytic and rigid Virgo may not be the best candidate for a spontaneous trip to the salon. When considering a big change, the Virgo will examine all sides to the proposal. They will write out all of the pros and cons and analyze them until they discover which course of action will bring them the most joy with the least negative consequences and then will follow through with said plan. There are just too many variables at play.

4 Libra: Yes

The Libras are one of the most indecisive signs under the zodiac (next to the Gemini) so allow us to make this decision instead. Go for the bangs.


However, since those falling under the Libra umbrella may change their mind shortly after they have passed the point of no return in the haircut process, a long, delicate, and wispy bang that can easily be worn either down or parted is the best choice. It truly is the best of both worlds. This way, the Libra can have their cake (hair) and eat (cut) it too!

3 Scorpio: No

If the concept of a fringe has fallen in front of those falling under the obsession prone Scorpio Zodiac sign, know that they are going to be utterly obsessed with the idea of getting the fringe for the next few days. They will be creating dozens upon dozens of pinterest boards dedicated to each and every single type of fringe that has been worn in the past century. Baby fringes, full fringes, short fringes, wispy fringes, the regretable side fringe... they will be a pinning machine. However, the moment that their fringe obsession ends they will never want to see another fringe again.

2 Sagittarius: No

Know that this is meant with kindness but those who fall under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign may need a bit of tough love when it comes to whether or not they should get a fringe. Those who fall under the Sagittarius umbrella are, stereotypically, known for their impatient and flaky natures. If they want a fringe, they will want one know.


But that might not be the way that they feel next week or even the next day. Our advice? Skip the fringe and the regret that is almost guaranteed to follow shortly afterwards.

1 Capricorn: Yes

One thing that everyone who has ever gotten a pixie cut on a whim will know is that the feeling of exposure occurs almost instantly after the haircut is paid for. No longer is there hair to hide behind or play with when one is nervous. Everything is out in the open and for the shy Capricorn's of the world, that may sound like an utter nightmare. Which is why bangs are the perfect option. They provide a bit of a layer between oneself and the outside world and can be a bit of a security blanket when needed. Comforting and cute, bangs are the best choice for those who fall under the Capricorn umbrella.


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