10 Things Men Do That Drive Women Insane (In A Bad Way)

There is no denying it; there are some things that men do that drives women absolutely insane, and not in a good way either. Just like there are things that women do that drives men insane. Some guys often seem to completely change once they go from pre-dating to actually being in a relationship. The hearts and flowers sometimes get swapped out for selective hearing and all-day gaming with a dash of being overly secretive.

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While women can often be hard to figure out thanks to constant hormonal changes, men can be equally hard to figure out since they don’t always say how they are feeling. Continue reading to see 10 things men do that drive women insane, in a bad way.

10 Being Overly Secretive

Some guys come off as being overly secretive, even if they don’t mean to do so intentionally. It can be the little things they do like walking out of the room when taking calls, closing their internet browser when their girlfriend walks into the room, and even password blocking their phone without letting anyone else know the code. All three of those things make it appear like they are trying to hide something. Some guys are also not good with expressing how they feel or talking about what’s going on with them, which can often come off as being secretive.

9 Video Games, Video Games, And More Video Games

Most guys seem to love playing video games, but for some, they seem to take it to the next level. Some guys will flat out ignore their significant other because they are too busy playing or they even seem to get angry when anything interrupts their game time. Sometimes gaming can turn into an actual addiction. Even the popular game Fortnite has an addiction helpline which can be found on Twitter. Some guys just have to learn that moderation is key before it causes some serious problems in their relationship.

8 Always Texting But Never Calling

Some guys prefer texting over calling, and that is okay every now and then. But sometimes women prefer to hear their guy’s voice rather than a single word text since some guys not only prefer to just text, but they will also send a very short reply after their girlfriend just typed out a three-page message.

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All a guy really has to do sometimes is pick up their cell and make a brief call asking how their girl is doing. Plus, when guys just decide to not call it can make them come off as being secretive. It can feel like maybe there is something or someone that may be in the background that they don’t want their girlfriend to hear.

7 Not Helping Around The House

Men are often notorious for not being the most helpful around the house for whatever reason. When it comes to chores and housework, it should always be split equally between both partners. After all, there is a good chance that if you are living together that you are both adults. One adult should not have to clean up after the other one unless someone is sick, injured, pregnant, or something else is going on. Cleaning may not be the most fun thing to do, but it has to get done and it is not only the woman's job.

6 Being Overly Jealous

Most people have a bit of jealousy in them, while others seem to take it to an extreme level. Fairly often, men are known for being overly jealous and this can definitely drive women insane. Some men will go as far as to lose their temper or get upset if their girlfriend even talks to a guy, tries to have male friends, or even look in the direction of another guy. Most of the time being overly jealous will not only drive their partner insane but it could push her away as well.

5 Pre-Dating Vs. Dating

When two people meet and start going on dates, well before they make it official or exclusive, men usually tend to be romantic, charming and may appear to the best guy in the world. They may work hard for what they want. But then once the relationship is official and they get what they want – the girl – it sometimes seems like everything that was so wonderful about them ceases to exist.

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That is when a guy's true colors may start to shine through. It’s like the hearts and flowers just stop and don’t return until it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or anniversary. This can really drive women insane.

4 Being Obvious When Checking Out Other Women

Not all guys are like this, but some truly are. For some guys, while they are seeing someone, they sometimes tend to make their attraction toward another woman obvious. Some guys do the double take while others may appear to be more subtle. Regardless of how obvious they are, women usually tend to know when a man is checking out another female. Perhaps men can call it a woman’s intuition. Other guys just seem to have no filter and will blurt out with, “She’s hot!” or make other little remarks like that can drive a woman crazy. It can be seen as being outright disrespectful.

3 “I’m Leaving Right Now!”

One thing that can really get on a woman’s nerves is when her guy says, “I’m leaving now,” when he is out but doesn’t show up for another hour or two. It’s almost as if some males do not have a perception of time. There is nothing wrong with telling your partner that you are going to be later than expected. Plus, for many women, when someone says they are on the way and do not show up when expected, it can really make their mind race and they may start to worry that something happened to their boyfriend or that there was some kind of accident. It’s really not fair to put your partner through all that unnecessary worry when there is enough stress to deal with on a daily basis.

2 Ghosting

If you don’t know what ghosting is, it basically means that two people have been talking or perhaps even starting to date and all of a sudden one person cuts the other one off without a word and just seem to disappear out of nowhere. It may seem like they just fall off of the face of the earth. Ghosting isn’t fun for the person being ghosted and it really drives women insane, in a bad way, when they get ghosted by a guy they thought liked them. This is something guys really shouldn’t be doing to women because it can leave them wondering what’s wrong with them when maybe they did nothing wrong at all. It can really toy with a female’s emotions.

1 Selective Hearing

Men seem to have something called selective hearing where they seem to pick and choose what they listen too when their girlfriend is talking. This is not a good habit from any guy to get into. In relationships, both parties should be trying to actively listen to one another and really understand what their partner is saying to them. When a guy chooses what he hears and listens to, he can miss some pertinent information that he will later come and say, “Well, you never told me.”

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