Bachelor Nation: 14 Celebs Who Are Still Flying Solo (& 6 Who Are Actually Tying The Knot)

 Over 20 seasons and we're still not done. The Bachelor might have started out as a show that producers prayed "might get popular," but even they weren't prepared for how huge it would become.

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor: Winter Games are doing one thing: getting an entire nation glued to their screens. We want the suspense. We want the completely unpredictable, love-at-first-sight moments. Occasionally, we're also secretly digging it when it doesn't work out.

The very first Bachelor was Alex Michel (way back in 2002). In 2013, Sean Lowe appeared on the show and fell in love with Catherine Giudici. With two babies and the most adorable Christmas pyjama pics ever, these two are 100% proving why shows like this exist.

Not all Bachelor couples make it, though. Some, like Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell lasted two years. Others, like Aaron Buerge and Helene Eskterowicz split.

Ultimately, we seem to be interested in extremes. It's why the Duggars are popular, right? When it comes to Bachelor couples, we seem focused on one of two things: those who split and those who are 100% headed down that wedding aisle. Looking at both, here are 20 of them: 14 are flying solo, while six are set to tie the knot.

20 Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi: Split In 2017, "Not The Fairytale Ending We Hoped For"

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Nick Viall might not be the most popular Bachelor in history, but with four appearances on the show, there's no denying he's a regular face.

Season 21 saw Nick pick Montreal girl, Vanessa Grimaldi. She got a Neil Lane diamond ring and Nick's career boost landed him on Dancing With The Stars, but it doesn't look like love was written in the stars for these two.

In August 2017, the couple called it quits. "We did not get the fairytale ending we hoped for," Bustle reported Vanessa saying. Life And Style says she might be seeing someone. Following Nick's 2018 January Jones rumour, he's looking #Single.

19 Kaitlyn Bristowe & Sean Booth: Split In 2018, The Dog "Will Remain In Her Life"

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This relationship takes us back to Season 11 of The Bachelorette. Kaitlyn Bristowe chose Nashville-based personal trainer, Shawn Booth, accepting his final proposal. They moved in together (and were joined by Shawn's golden retriever).

Tucker Doodle Dog still gets love, but it isn't coming from a couple.

In November 2018, this couple called it quits, The Daily Mail reports. Their official statement said they'd be "remaining friends," although Kaitlyn has said that the dog will always be a part of her life. Shawn opened his own gym, Kaitlyn started recording music, but ultimately, it looks like they're both single.

18 Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon: #Engaged (Despite The "On-Off" Timeline)

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Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon took their time to land in actual paradise. With an "on-off" relationship that started on 2015's Bachelor in Paradise, these two are the show's poster kids.

In June 2018, this couple's engagement was confirmed. "I remember walking down the steps in Paradise and seeing him at the bar and it was the weirdest feeling. I was just so gravitated and drawn to him," Ashley said, as Bustle reports.

Ashley is now happily engaged to Jared. There was the Kevin dating on Winter Games, but the games are over now.

17 Arie Luyendyk & Lauren Burnham: #Pregnant, "1 Month From Today I Get To Call You My Wife"

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Arie Luyendyk Jr. was a Bachelorette contestant back on Season 8 of the show, although he's fresher on our minds from Season 22 of The Bachelor.

Arie's initial pick was Becca Kuffrin (and he had the words to match). "My love for you is unmeasurable," NY Daily News reports him saying to Becca as he got down on one knee. Right words, wrong girl.

Arie is now set to marry runner-up Lauren Burnham in a 2019 Hawaii wedding. In late 2018, he updated his Instagram to announce the "1 month" nuptials date. Oh, and there's the giant news that they're expecting a baby.

16 Colton Underwood: #Single, Season 23 Confirmed, Loves "Pickles & Peanut Butter"...Ladies?

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Colton Underwood is now a confirmed face for Season 23 of The Bachelor. How excited we are to see where this goes? Cosmopolitan has already posted the line-up of all 30 ladies that Colton will be meeting.

Anyone see the Channing Tatum resemblance?

Colton's future contestants include Instagram models, Bachelor Nation's Annie Reardon, and Sydney Lotuaco (who met Colton on The Ellen Show). For the moment, this guy is single. In an Instagram post, Colton admitted loving "pickles and peanut butter." Anyone?

15 Andi Dorfman: Wrote "Single State Of Mind," Does What It Says On The Tin

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There's a pro to going on these shows (even if it doesn't work out). Namely, the exposure that allows a great writer to get her book published and become a New York Times best-seller.

Andi Dorfman is a face we remember from The Bachelorette, Season 10. She got engaged to Josh Murray. After five months, the couple split, but Andi got straight to work writing Single State of Mind.

With tons of deets like her decision to freeze her eggs, Andi's book made her a celeb in her own right. She is single. It's Not Okay is Andi's second book.

14 Becca Kufrin & Garrett Yrigoyen: #Engaged, Says She's "Found The One"

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We always had our eye on this girl. Becca Kufrin seemed to have found love with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on Season 22 of The Bachelor after accepting his proposal. Of course, Arie wound up with Lauren Burnham in a filmed break-up.

In March 2018, Becca was announced as The Bachelorette on the After The Final Rose special. Becca found love with Garret Yrigoyen, where the finale saw them receive a minivan as a gift from ABC.

"I feel I could be happy with either guy and both of them would be a right choice for me," Becca told People. That said, she admitted to finding "myself." #Engaged

13 Lauren Bushnell & Ben Higgins: Split In 2017, "This Isn't The Right Timing"

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Everyone was rooting for these two to make it. Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins were the couple everyone wanted to see get married, but this blonde didn't find luck with her man. Season 20 of The Bachelor saw these two get engaged, but they won't be tying the knot.

"I love you" isn't something you say to two girls. Ben Higgins did it on camera.

Saying "I love you" to both Lauren and JoJo Fletcher was the problem, perhaps. Lauren's $100,000 ring is no more. She is dating, but Ben seems to be solo. "This isn't the right timing," People reported her saying.

12 Courtney Dober & Lily McManus: Officially Split, Courtney Admits Casual Encounters

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There might be a catch (or a glimmer of hope) to this couple's split. Season 1 of Winter Games brought Courtney Dober and Lily McManus together. Unlike Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy, these two never actually got engaged. They were together for eight months, though.

In August 2018, the couple announced their split via Instagram. "Best friends" is how they said they'd stay.

Meanwhile, Extra TV  reports that Courtney has admitted hookups since the breakup. Interesting...

11  Derek Peth & Taylor Nolan: Parted Ways In 2018, More "Bachelor," Less "Paradise"

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Selfies like these make us super sad when relationships don't last. Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan were a couple from Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. After falling for each other in sunny Mexico, Derek proposed with a stunning ring. Even the host, Chris Harrison, described the proposal as one of the "sweetest" and "raw" moments he'd seen.

How long they lasted? Nine months, Inquisitr reports. The exes announced their split in June 2018 via a joint statement to E! News.

"We put everything we could into our relationship and are heartbroken to go forward separately," they said. Both appear single.

10 Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo: Will Marry In "First Half Of 2019"

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Finally, some exciting news. In December 2018, ET Online confirmed that Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay will be marrying her beau, Bryan Abasolo "in the first half of 2019." This 33 year-old attorney will become Mrs. Abasolo, although she's said she wants a small wedding.

"I want it to be super small, because I just want to make it happen," ET Online reports. Rachel added that she was "so excited and ready to marry Bryan."

There was the possibility of a filmed wedding, but Rachel seems to have changed her mind. Most exciting? They're looking to grow their family.

9 Brad Womack: Rejected Both His Finale Girls, No Social Media, #ProperlySolo

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If you turn all the ladies down, you are less likely to get married overall. It's simple math. Then again, if you just didn't find love, saying no might be a wise decision. Brad Womack was the first Bachelor in history to turn down both finalists (Jenni Croft and Deanna Papas).

Sometimes, they just fall off the map. As of 2018, Brad is single and running a bar in Texas. He comes with a #LowKey.

Appearing on Season 11 and Season 15 of The Bachelor, Brad didn't find love. Bustle reports a quiet life running a bar in Texas (while Brad's Instagram suggests the same thing).

8 JoJo Fletcher: Televised Wedding To Be Expected On Engaged With JoJo And Jordan

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JoJo Fletcher now has 2.2 million Instagram followers. As a contestant on Season 12 of The Bachelor (and the lead on Season 12 of The Bachelorette), JoJo's face is now more than well-known. The result of her relationship and engagement to Jordan Rodgers? A spin-off show.

Engaged With JoJo and Jordan gives us a ton of insight into how these two lovebirds are getting along.

The Daily Mail has already reported that they're open to a televised wedding. "It's definitely a question," the newspaper reported them saying. "We're exploring our area in Dallas," Jordan said. Date nights? Yes. Engaged? Yes. Let's wait and see.

7 Chris Soules: #Single, Farming In Iowa, Wound Up In A Spot Of Trouble

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Hop over to Chris Soules's Instagram, and you'll see a ton of gorgeous Iowa sunsets (to be expected when you're farming in that state). While this former contestant is single, according to Bustle, he has landed himself in a little trouble.

In November 2018, The Daily Mail reported Chris pleading guilty to a tractor accident that made a fair few headlines.

"Prince Farming" has some uphill battles to face, but we wish him all the best. On the plus side, this guy seems solidly single.

6 Holly Allen: Luke Pell Moved On, But It's The #SoloHighway For Holly

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Holly Allen once came as a duo act with Luke Pell. The Bachelor Nation couple had moved in together, but it doesn't look like it was meant to be.

In June 2018, E! News confirmed that the couple had split for a second time. "They learned they just weren't compatible like that on a day to day basis," the media outlet reported.

These two seem to have stayed fairly quiet when it comes to their split.

5 Dean Unglert & Lesley Murphy: Split In 2018, Both Seem Single

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Winter Games brought Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy together. While Dean got down on one knee during the World Tells All special, a ring wasn't part of the deal. As ET Online reports, Lesley got a key to his home. The couple is no longer together.

When Ariana Grande split from Pete Davidson, she was spotted shopping at Chanel. #RetailTherapy. Dean chose actual therapy following his split from Lesley.

How Dean is coping? He's seeing a therapist, so People reports. Lesley was apparently "the one thing he wanted," but it wasn't meant to be. Both seem to be single.

4 Josh Murray: #Single, Lots Of Gym Time, Seems Up For Grabs

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Bachelor in Paradise brought Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton together. It was #Smiles for a while, but by 2017, The Daily Mail was reporting that Josh was "working" on his relationship. Some relationships need work and last (some need it and don't).

"Distance is one thing, obviously," Josh said about the relationship problems. "My family lives on the East Coast. Her family's out here on the West Coast and so is she."

They split in 2017. These days, Josh seems to be flying solo. Flare reports that he owns multiple fitness studios (while the pics seem to show him in them).

3 Cody Sattler: Didn't Last With Michelle Money, Seems Single, Comes With A #Fitness

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Cody Sattler is a face that takes us back to the first season of Bachelor In Paradise. A pairing with Michelle Money seemed to work out (kinda), although there was no proposal. Still, Inquisitr reports that Cody moved to Utah to be with Michelle and her daughter. But then there were large chunks of time in which they weren't making any references to each other.

Cody owns a fitness supplement company (and he seems to be taking them). There isn't much to suggest he's seeing anyone, although you can watch him work out on his IG.

2 Claire Crawley & Benoit Beausejour-Savard: Split In 2018, Engagement Lasted 4 Months

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Clare Crawley and Benoit Beausejour-Savard did genuinely seem loved-up. Season 1 of Winter Games saw these two get engaged, but it was over after a mere four months.

In February 2018, the Instagram status sat at #Engaged, but Bustle reported trouble in paradise. While Benoit posted a joking "just married" pic to social media, Clare didn't seem to be included in the snap.

Since announcing their split via Instagram in April 2018, the couple appears to have gone their separate ways.

1 Krystal Nielson & Chris Randone: #Engaged, Proving This Show Totally Has A Point

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You leave the best 'til last, right? Well, aside from heavy hitting successes like Jade Roper and Tanner Talbot (married with kids) and Sean and Catherine Low (same deal), there's still a huge positive to this show.

Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone have found love together, having left Bachelor in Paradise engaged.

"One hundred percent getting married" is how Refinery29 describes their status. These two are #CouplesGoals on Instagram, and they're doing one thing: 100% proving that there's a point to these shows. Biggest #Swoon ever.

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