• The Bachelor: 8 Things To Know About Cassie Randolph

    For many women, The Bachelor is one of those guilty pleasures that they can't live without and which make life much more fun. If we're fans, then we love when each new season premieres and we can figure out who the cast members are. Who is The Bachelor looking for love... and who are the women who are trying to steal his heart and be given the ring in the end?

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    When the season 23 finale aired in March 2019, we learned that The Bachelor Colton Underwood chose Cassie Randolph. We definitely want to learn more about her. Read to find out 8 things about Cassie Randolph.

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    Cassie And Colton Aren't Engaged... And She Didn't Like The Ring

    According to Cosmopolitan, Cassie and Colton aren't actually engaged. That would be wild enough to hear since, of course, we're so used to couples getting engaged whenever a season of The Bachelor ends. That seems to be the whole point, right?

    Well, there's more to the story: it turns out that Colton showed Cassie a ring from Neil Lane, and she said that she didn't like it. People are pretty amazed to hear this and, yeah, it does sound pretty weird...

    Maybe if the two does decide to get married, she'll pick out the ring to make sure that it's something that she really loves?

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    She's In School For Speech Pathology

    Before she starred on The Bachelor, Cassie was in school to be a speech pathologist.

    According to Bustle, she was in grad school at the University Of Wisconsin —Eau Claire, and she wanted to work with kids and have her own practice.

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    That's really cool to hear since this is a really noble and sweet pursuit. While fans of The Bachelor often poke fun at some of the jobs that the cast members have, like when the show calls someone an entrepreneur when they don't really seem to be, Cassie's education is totally interesting. We wonder if she'll go back to school and keep studying speech pathology?

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    She's From California And Enjoys Surfing

    One of the best parts of watching a new season of The Bachelor is seeing the new contestants and learning as much as we can about them. Of course, there are so many cast members vying for the main guy's attention that it can be tough to keep track of everyone.

    We should also know that Cassie Randolph is from California, and it's also not a big surprise to learn that she really enjoys surfing.

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    Cassie's bio page on the Abc Go website reads, "A true native Californian, Cassie grew up at the beach and is an avid surfer. She is currently completing her degree in speech pathology and hopes to one day open up a private practice to work with kids. Maybe in the meantime she can teach Colton the language of love."

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    The Bachelor Isn't Her First Reality Show

    It would be easy to assume that Cassie's only experience with reality TV is starring on The Bachelor, but that's not actually the case. She was on a previous reality show called Young Once.

    Popsugar describes it in more detail: "Set in Southern California, Young Once follows a group of young Christians, including Cassie and her now-ex-boyfriend, Caelan Tiongson, as they face love, friendships, and career decisions while navigating the way faith plays a role in their daily lives." The cast members were at Biola University which has a lot of behavioral rules that students must follow. Popsugar notes that we can watch this on YouTube if we're interested... and yes, we're definitely interested, right?! Time to clear our schedules this weekend.

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    She's A List Maker

    Reality TV World says of the reality TV star, "Cassie is all about writing lists. She makes to-do lists on her phone every day and even wrote a giant list of fun facts about herself one time."

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    Whenever we learn more about a celebrity, we love hearing that we share some things in common with them, and if we're also fans of lists and organization then we can pat ourselves on the back for having this in common with the Bachelor star. Some people would never write down lists of things that are on their plate or even things that they like and dislike... but other people are all about this and can't imagine living like this. It's interesting to figure out which one we are.

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    She Has Skydived Before

    Since Cassie has been starring on such a popular reality series, it makes sense that lots of people are talking about her and trying to get to know her. One thing that people have been saying is that Cassie has skydived before. This is also mentioned in her bio on Abc Go's website.

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    How do we feel about this fact about Cassie? If we're just as brave and full of as much courage as it takes to go skydiving, then maybe this is something that we've always wanted to do. Or we might feel the total opposite and think that we would never do this. Either way, kudos to Cassie for taking such a risk because it's awesome.

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    She's A Cat Person

    We're either a cat person or a dog person. There can't be really be anything in the middle when it comes to how we feel about pets. Maybe we grew up with a sweet and cuddly family dog and so we'll always have a dog, or perhaps we were always a cat family so we prefer felines.

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    If we're cat owners, then we'll be glad to hear that Cassie Randolph is too, and we totally have this in common with the reality TV star. Cassie has two cats: Goose and Maverick. Those are awesome names and we definitely give her props because coming up with the perfect pet name can be tough.

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    Cassie Is In L.A. Now... With Colton

    Of course, everyone wants to know what happens now since Cassie won the season of The Bachelor. She and Colton aren't getting married (at least not right now) but they are still together.

    In fact, she recently has relocated to L.A. According to Elite Daily, she did this to be in the same place as Colton, and she's got a famous neighbor: Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes. The two are pals so that's definitely good news.

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    Do we think that they're going to get married soon? (At least after Colton gets another ring?) We'll be staying tuned for sure... and in the meantime, we can't wait for the next season of The Bachelor.

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