The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. Changed His Mind After Giving The Final Rose

The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. just changed his mind after giving away the final rose!

The Bachelor season finale aired last night and showcased one of the most shocking moments in Bachelor history. Whether you tuned in or not, we’re sure you’ve heard the news!

Arie struggled throughout the entire finale with his decision-making and ultimately telling his first choice that he made a mistake. Yikes!

Arie was left to choose from the two remaining women, Lauren and Becca. Fans always felt as if Arie loved Lauren over Becca, making his choice first choice all that more confusing. Lauren had always had trouble opening up to Arie, but despite her timid personality it was clear that Arie truly loved her and she was expected to receive the final proposal.

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As for Becca, she always made everything so easy between the two. During the family visit, Becca’s family urged Arie to pick her. However, his heart may have been set on someone else. Now that we know who he ends up picking - after not picking her first - it’s as if his decision was ultimately based more off on who he really loved, over who he felt was the most practical choice.

Arie, who proposed to Becca, later realized he had made a mistake. Before the brutal conversation took place between Arie and Becca letting her in on his actual final decision, the two had a heart-warming moment during the proposal.

After letting Lauren down, she told Arie how she still loved him. He told her he was “so confused”, and not proposing to her didn’t stop him from letting her know that he “loved her too”. When the time came to pop the question to Becca, it was all smiles from there on out.

Becca, who was obviously incredibly happy, stated how excited she was while Arie asked her when they were going to have a family of their own. This is all seemed picture perfect, until it wasn’t anymore.


In the dreaded moment, Arie confessed how “I go to bed and I think about Lauren, I wake up and I think about Lauren.” When it came to telling Becca his mistake, she wasn’t ready for it. Becca, who was stunned to hear Aries’ shocking news, replied, “Are you kidding me? – So f-cking embarrassing! Oh my god.”

As awful as Arie may have felt, he obviously missed Lauren and wanted to see if he could work things out with her. “I hope you find what you want. It’s clearly not me,” Becca told him as their conversation concluded.

Let us know if you were on the edge of your seat just as much as we were! Stay tuned for tonights After The Final Rose, where Arie faces the rest of the women.

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