20 B-List Celebs We Didn't Know Were Ridiculously Rich

All actors and actresses aspire to be at the top of Tinsel Town's "A-List." This coveted list means that an entertainer has reached the promised land. They are likely in high demand, snagging the best roles that production teams have to offer and rolling in mountains of dough.

Not everyone makes it onto the A-List, however. Some of our favorite, accomplished actors and actresses sit firmly on the B-List, landing smaller roles and camping out in the shadows of celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Jenifer Lawrence. Just because these B-list actors are not the hottest thing in Hollywood at any given point in time, doesn't mean that they aren't doing pretty well for themselves.

Many people out there might be surprised to learn that some of our beloved B-listers are ballers. Here are twenty B-list celebrities that are quite wealthy.

20 Mariska Hargitay Is Richer Than Blake Lively With A Net Worth 50 Million

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Beautiful Blake is everywhere we look, especially after having her third child with her hunky actor husband, Ryan Reynolds. It might surprise many to know that seasoned actress Mariska Hargitay has a net worth of fifty million dollars, while Lively's hovers somewhere around sixteen million dollars.

19 Isla Fisher Is Worth As Much As Zooey Deschanel At A Net Worth Of 25 Million

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We hear a lot about "it" girl Zooey Deschanel, and rightfully so. She is talented, funny, and worth twenty-five million dollars. Many people are not aware that B-list actress, Isla Fisher, is worth the same amount as Deschanel. The wife of actor Sasha Cohen and mommy to three quietly brings home the bacon.

18 Michael C. Hall Comes Close To Nic Cage With A Net Worth Of 25 Million

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It does not seem possible that A-List actor Nicolas Cage is worth the same amount of money as Michael C Hall! Cage has not been so lucky in finances in recent years, while Hall has clearly been responsible with his earning from his work on super popular shows like Dexter.

17 Carey Mulligan's 15 Million Net Worth Is Far More Than Bella Thorne's Stash

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Carey Mulligan is an accomplished and talented actress, but she is certainly not rubbing elbows with the A-listers quite yet. Even though we don't put her in the same entertainer category as Jenifer Lopez and Tom Hanks, she still does okay financially with a net worth of fifteen million dollars, proving that life on the B-list isn't bad at all.

16 Zachary Quinto Has A Net Worth Of 14 Million, While Spider-Man's Is Only 4 Million

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Actor Zachary Quinto stars on Star Trek, and we love his cool, quiet, brilliant vibe. In our opinion, he is every bit worth his fourteen million dollar net worth. Just think Spiderman, currently played by Tom Holland, is only worth four million dollars, even after all of his Marvel appearances.

15 Olivia Munn Beats Out Olivia Wilde With Her Net Worth Of 25 Million

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Actress Olivia Wilde has been everywhere over the past few years, partly because of her acting abilities and partly because of her high profile romance with Jason Sudeikis. Wilde pulls a solid twenty million dollars a year, which is not bad, but Olivia Munn, another beautiful actress, beats her out with a net worth at twenty-five million.

14 Mindy Kaling Pulls In 24 Million Dollars Net Worth. That's More Than Pam Anderson!

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New mom Mindy Kaling makes a good living. She currently has a net worth of twenty-four million dollars and is showing no signs of slowing down. It's hard to believe that this relative newcomer is worth a whole lot more than icon Pamela Anderson. Her net worth is twelve million dollars.

13 Mandy Moore Is Richer Than Co-Star Milo Ventimiglia With A Net Worth Of 23 Million

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Many Moore rose to fame years ago and has recently seen a bit of a reboot. She and costar Milo Ventimiglia star together in everyone's favorite television drama, This Is Us. The two have undeniable chemistry onscreen, and also have well-stocked bank accounts. She is worth twenty-three million dollars while he is worth twelve million dollars.

12 Rachel Bilson Is Worth More Than Lindsay Lohan Net Worth 16 Million

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Actress Lindsay Lohan has been around for a long time. The former child actor has made a fortune and then lost a fortune and is currently worth about $800,000. Former O.C. and Heart of Dixie actress Rachel Bilson blows Lohan away with her net worth of sixteen million dollars.

11 Liev Schrieber's Net Worth Of 16 Million Blows Away Sinbad's

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Actor Liev Schrieber amassed his fortune by acting and directing first in independent films and then hitting it big with roles in movies such as Scream, Salt, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His net worth is about sixteen million dollars, which isn't too shabby for a guy who camps out on entertainment's B-list.

10 Sarah Michelle Geller Squeaks Past Her Famous Husband With A Net Worth 20 Million

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Sarah Michelle Geller's talented husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., is worth nineteen million dollars, but his wife is worth a cool one million more at twenty million dollars. Perhaps having equal fortunes is a good thing in a marriage. You know what they say, when it comes to relationships, balance is everything.

9 James Macavoy Has A Higher Net Worth At 17 Million Than Chris Tucker

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Once upon a time, funny actor, Chris Tucker was one of the highest-paid men in all of Hollywood. He has since been passed up by the likes of B-list actors like James Macavoy. Tucker has a net worth of just over eleven million dollars, while Macavoy is worth somewhere in the ballpark of seventeen million dollars.

8 Evangeline Lily Might Have To Loan Her 15 Million Net Worth To Stephan Baldwin

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Stunning actress Evangeline Lilly may have starred on ABC's Lost, but she is anything but when it comes to her fortune. Even though she doesn't strike us a Hollywood big-hitter, she still sits pretty with a net worth of fifteen million dollars. Considering her critical role in the Marvel Movies, we only see that number increasing in the years to come.

7 Jason Momoa's Net Worth Of 14 Million Is Six Million More Than His Step Daughter's

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Jason Momoa caught our eye when he starred in GOT as the ever-appealing Drago. Since then, he has continued to land lucrative acting roles, helllllllo Aquaman, and has managed to drive his net worth up to fourteen million dollars. That amount is six million more than his famous step-daughter Zoe Kravitz's net worth.

6 Alexander Skarsgard Has A Net Worth Of 12 Million While Alexis Bledel Has A 9 Million Dollar Net Worth

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Big Little Lies actor Alexander Skarsgard can afford to look this good. After all, he is worth twelve million dollars. His financial worth is three million dollars more than actress Alexis Bledel. We feel like our favorite Gilmore Girl should be worth a whole lot more than nine million dollars.

5 Kit Harrington's Net Worth Of 12 Million Is Right Around His Dragon Queen's

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Because of Game of Thrones, Kit Harrington is a very recognized face. No matter what he does in the future, he will always be Jon Snow to us. Harrington has a net worth of twelve million dollars. His Dragon Queen, played by Emilia Clarke, edges him out, but only by about one million dollars.

4 Demi Lovato Earns Much More Than Zendaya With A Net Worth 33 Million

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The Disney starlets don't compare when it comes to earnings. Actress Zendaya has a net worth of five million dollars, while Lovato is worth around thirty million big ones. Demi was smart enough to take her child acting stint and parlay it into a serious entertainment mecca packed full of singing and acting credits.

3 Jason Bateman Is Worth More Than 50 Cent With A Net Worth 30 Million

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50 Cent used to be a big shot, but now he is worth about half of what Bateman is worth. The rapper was once worth a whopping one hundred and fifty million dollars, per Forbes magazine. That net worth has decreased to around thirty million in recent years. Bateman, on the other hand, quietly continues to amass his fortune. He, too, is worth thirty million dollars.

2 Cara Delevingne Has A Higher Net Worth At 28 Million Than Her Pal Elle Goulding

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Goulding is worth a cool twenty million bucks, while her best bud has a net worth of twenty-eight million dollars. It's always good to have friends in high places. If Elle ever needs to borrow a million or two, she can text her gal Cara and ask to borrow some of her fortune. What are friends for?

1 Liam Hemsworth Is Worth More Than Mike Tyson Thanks To His Net Worth Of 26 Million

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Can you believe that actor Liam Hemsworth is worth more than one of the all-time greatest boxers in the world? Well, it's true. The infamous Mike Tyson has a net worth of only three million dollars these days, which is a far cry from the three hundred million dollars that he used to be worth. Hemsworth, on the other hand, has a net worth of twenty-six million dollars.

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