19 Awkward Photos People Took At Disneyland

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, no matter which Disney theme park you visit. Kids can enter a world of make-believe and truly live out their wildest imaginations, and even adults who go are reverted back to a kinder, simpler time when magic was in the air.

But there's quite a bit of shenanigans that happen at Disneyland each year, because some people just can’t behave right. Whether it’s costumed characters acting like fools, or children crying, or criminals on the loose, there’s something for everyone at Disneyland!

These 19 strange pictures taken at Disneyland show that it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes the magic gets a little too real. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your kids at all time, or else they might end up in a bad place… like in the arms of one of these hooligans!

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19 Go Home, Ursula!

via Kiwi Report

This is another classic picture—we have to give props to the Ariel cosplayer here, because she’s obviously not having it with this guy walking in front of her. It does seem like the guy is throwing a lot of shade in the Little Mermaid’s direction, by walking by with a smug, arrogant picture of Ursula stamped on his tie-dye shirt.

18 Awkwaaaard

via Kiwi Report

Poor Minnie Mouse, all she wants to do is make kids smile and have a good time and feel welcome at Disneyland. But some people have to ruin everything, like this guy wearing a Deadmau5 shirt. Minnie has clearly taken offense and is very upset over the guy’s choice of wear, even if she doesn’t know that Deadmau5 is a DJ and not an actual mouse killer. Even if she does know, it still makes for a great picture.

17 How Does It Feel, Gaston?

via Kiwi Report

Gaston is usually the arrogant one who’s trying to impress all the ladies at Disneyland, because that’s just who he is. But he doesn’t seem to do so well when the tables are turned on him. This strapping fellow clearly wants to bring Gaston home to life, and the larger-than-life Disney character simply isn’t having it. It makes for a pretty awkward but hilarious picture for the two strangers.

16 This Is A Family Establishment!

via Kiwi Report

We have to give props to this guy for exploiting the opportunity here to look like his head has been crushed by this big block thing, but we just hope there aren’t any kids nearby (and what are the odds of there not being kids nearby… at Disneyland?). It’s a brilliant photo, but we’re just happy that there’s no bloody pool surrounding his head.

15 Who’s The Real Princess?

via Kiwi Report

Sometimes it’s the parents who enjoy Disneyland much more than their little ones. And it makes sense, because we all grew up on Disney also—even more than our kids, it seems—which is why adults love going so much. But still, this merman has taken away his little girl’s mermaid crown, making himself the ruler of the sea, which seems a little backwards. Who does he think he is, Ursula?

14 Photobombing That Special Moment

via Kiwi Report

Ah, it’s always great to catch an accidental picture with perfect timing. This man-purse-wearing fellow seems to have noticed a little too late that he’s smack dab in the middle of the two behind him, who are sharing the most important moment of their lives—a Disneyland proposal—and he hasn’t gotten out of the way quick enough. It’s okay, guy, I’m sure there’s plenty of most proposal opportunities for these two (not)!

13 Hungry Goofy

via Kiwi Report

The Goofy mask is a bit awkward because it sticks out so far, so there are plenty of pictures where it looks like Goofy is eating children, rather than hugging them. It’s not really the mask-wearer’s fault, though he/she could be more aware of where he’s sticking his big head. This poor toddler doesn’t seem to be on the menu for lunch, however.

12 Bathroom Entourage

via Kiwi Report

It takes a special kind of preparation to get this perfect picture: give friends who have foregone the bathroom in order to do their business while on a ride. At the same time, they’ve managed to keep it wholesome—shower caps, shaving cream and razor, teeth brushing, and a little underarm cleaning—when they could have done much nastier restroom things. This is definitely a keeper for these ingenious folks.

11 Cheaters Never Prosper

via Kiwi Report

Poor Mickey just can’t catch a break. Not only does he have to hang around Disneyland and kids all day, but then he gets his girl snatched by none other than his best friend: Goofy. It’s a real kick in the shins, and that hands-to-face, surprised look on his face (though he always looks surprised) is totally warranted! Go tackle Goofy and steal Minnie back, man!

10 Go Away, Big Evil Duck

via Kiwi Report

Some children simply are too young to be at Disneyland—there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re bringing the whole family, the babies have to come to, even though they have no idea what’s going on. Case in point, this crying baby on the left who probably believes his big sister is being abducted by a giant, alien, evil duck.

9 How Is That Even Possible?

via Kiwi Report

We’re guessing that there’s some type of magnetic stickiness going on here with the chess pieces in question, but it still makes for a great picture. While everyone in the back is screaming their collective faces off, the two people in the foreground are quietly concentrating on their chess game, even as their ride goes down a waterfall. That singular focus takes true commitment right there!

8 I Said Get Away, Mickey!

via Kiwi Report

Some kids just don’t want to be touched, and sometimes Mickey Mouse and his cohorts can get a bit carried away. “You WILL be loved! You WILL have fun!” screams Mickey, but this little girl isn’t having it, and so she kicks him right in the mouse nuts… while it seems like Mickey is pulling her hair. What’s really going on here?!

7 Scarred For Life

via Eternally Sunny

Most family pictures that people take at Disneyland are memorable because you get to see the smiling faces of your children. But this Beast wasn’t having it—acting like the true savage that he is, he’s decided to completely cover (and maul) these children’s faces while the picture was being taken, unbeknownst to anyone but the picture-taker. It would be ever better if the picture-takers are the parents, and they just don’t care.

6 It’s Not Nice To Stare

via Eternally Sunny

Aren’t Chip ‘n’ Dale a couple of weasels? Well, no, they’re chipmunks, but you know what we mean. This is supposed to be a family establishment, as we’ve already determined, but these two seem to have their eyes on a different prize, and the picture-taker snapped them in the midst of their longing for Clarice’s backside. Hopefully the kids didn’t notice!

5 My Eyes Are Up Here!

via Ranker

Again, Chip ‘n’ Dale manage to get away with a bit of a lusty picture, which simply shouldn’t happen at Disneyland, but it’s always funny when it does. Who knows, maybe the mask-wearer really didn’t know which way his head was turned, but we doubt it. What’s more likely is that Chip (or Dale) saw a pair that he liked, and simply couldn’t look away!

4 Family Is Important

via Kiwi Report

This is a pretty hilarious photo: Goofy looks on forlornly as Donald Duck goes and chases down some of his duck kinsfolk. Goofy definitely looks a bit lonely here, but he shouldn’t be too bummer—there are probably many more canines and other Goofy lookalikes than there are ducks at Disneyland, at any given moment, so let Donald have his day in the sun.

3 Impeccable Timing

via Kiwi Report

We have to admire this man’s ingenuity and timing as he lets out a massive fart cloud on top of the Magic Carpet from Aladdin. Who knew that the carpet was gas powered? This picture just goes to show that even grownups at Disneyland can have fun, because when you’re there, you really revert back to a kid—just as it should be!

2 Why So Smug, Mickey?

via Kiwi Report

We had no idea that Mickey Mouse’s eyelids could even do this, making a “come hither” look that is definitely off-putting and strange coming from one of the most lovable mice on the planet. If you ever see Mickey like this—in a stupor—be sure to steer clear and don’t give in to his advances! That sleepy-eyed look probably shouldn’t have even been possible, to be honest.

1 The Happiest Place On Earth?

via Kiwi Report

Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth, but the bottom line is… it isn’t, for many. There’s long lines, tons of walking, and kids get uppity and cranky all the time at the theme parks. Even if you’re Drew Barrymore (on the left), you still have to put up with a whining princess. And this probably comes after the girl asked to go to Disneyland six million times! Some people are never satisfied.

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