20 Awkward Photos Of Marvel Stars That Aren’t Very Heroic

The characters and heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been force-fed to a generation of wide-eyes eager to drink in an illusory semblance of heroism and valor, to get a taste of what it might be like to live in a world where someone actually has to save the day, and put up a fight. Because of this, the main actors and actresses who play these beloved Disney heroes have catapulted into extreme celebrity, along with massive, titanic wealth.

But, as much as they are idolized and worshiped as superheroes, with beyond superhuman capabilities (and virtues), they are still just people, who live normal, privileged lives, and they don't always look as heroic on screen. Let's take a look at 20 awkward photos of MCU stars that aren't exactly heroic.

20 That Backwards "Cap" Though

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Here's the cap, otherwise known as Captain America, otherwise known as Chris Evans. Just a dude— a dude who wears hats, who goes on errands, who isn't a superhero at all, just a human, a human like you, or like me, or like anyone. But let's make fun of that goofy looking cap.

19 That Looks Like A Strange Hulk

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Scarlett here looks fabulous, though her taken-aback and confused looking face is rather unheroic, as she tries to decipher why someone dressed in such an absurd costume would be trying to talk to her. It's quite a good photo, in fact, very candid. You can almost feel the awkwardness oozing from the image.

18 Karen Gillan Out To Get Some Groceries

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Out getting groceries, what's so heroic about that? There's nothing heroic about it at all. Or is there? Are we just conditioned to think that no one can be heroic unless they're a superhero or in a fantastical movie? Or a superstar, or famous, or CEO of a corrupt super corporation?

17 Not Having It

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Being in the spotlight 100% of the time must be one of those things that an actor who is serious about their art must consider a huge bummer. I can't imagine how exhausting, draining, and annoying it must be to constantly have paparazzi and cameras in your face, just so people can cheapen your talent by ridiculing you.

16 The Purple Man Without Makeup

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Otherwise known as Paul Bettany, this hardly heroic hero from the MCU supergiant is out in his street clothes, likely busy, likely just trying to live his own life, and yet can't really do that because of the leeches who want his blood so they can sell embarrassing pictures of him to the tabloids.

15 Avengers Not So Heroic

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There's nothing wrong with having a good crew photo in your repertoire, and these Avengers seem like they are all really close friends off the set of the films, and that's certainly cool. The only problem is they don't look like the heroes we've been conditioned to know and love.

14 Tired From A Flight

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Brie Larson looks like she's pretty tired here, and who can really blame her? Flying in a plane is one of the worst things ever, not only for temperament as it frazzles almost everyone, but it also is pretty terrible for the Earth, too. Hopefully she bought some carbon offsets.

13 Diva-tastic Captain Marvel

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Brie may be Captain Marvel on the big screen, but she doesn't look the most heroic here in this photo— though she does look like quite the fashionista with her scarf, glasses, and bag. She also really doesn't look like she wants her picture taken, which paparazzi should really respect.

12 Out For A Jog

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Scarlett Johansson has to keep fit for her role in the MCU, and the way she does that, like many humans who are no different than her in any way, is by going for a jog. Running is a great way to stay in shape. Unfortunately, she has to have people take pictures of her and then talk about her online.

11 Not So Graceful Deadpool

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In classic non-heroic fashion, here is the great Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, the Marvel anti-hero that everyone loves thanks to his rampant lewdness and signature humor. He's pictured here with his pants down, mid-costume change to go save the day. Not to save us from monopoly of the media, though.

10 Mr. Jackson Is Happy

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With a winning smile like that, it's hard to not sympathetically smile in return, especially with those glasses and that little beanie— but the thing is, this isn't just about enjoying the personality of a human, it's about poking fun at them, and this face is a far cry from Nick Fury.

9 Trendy Glasses Robert

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Robert Downey Junior is a bit of a sensation these days, almost entirely because he works for one of the world's biggest corporations: Disney, which owns companies like National Geographic, Marvel, Fox News, CNN, and more. It's why Iron Man is so rich. It's hard to think he went from a Hollywood pariah to one of the biggest starts of all time.

8 Tired Of All The Leeches

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Paparazzi are like leeches, and there's virtually nothing that can any celebrity can do to keep them away for good, because they always show up when you least expect it and publicly embarrass you just so they can get a winning shot like this one. It's shamelessly despicable and tactless.

7 Don't Forget Natalie

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"Natalie Portman is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?" you might be asking, but she is indeed with a supporting role in the Thor movies— though she left pretty quickly. It makes sense for a lot more reasons beyond just "a fat paycheck." What's the real cost of wasting your talent on a moneymaking publicity machine?

6 Tommy Boy

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Tom Hiddleston, otherwise known to the world simply as Lokki, is one of the main characters in the MCU, and henceforth has led to him being followed around everywhere by paparazzi. I mean, if you had a camera on you at all times of the day, do you think you'd look heroic all of the time?

5 Even A Demigod Needs To Fill Up

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Even someone with the superhuman capabilities of Thor is still a slave to big oil, as he needs to fill up his car with poisonous gasoline in order to sustain his lifestyle as dictated by the super corporations who make all of the decisions in our world today. How unheroic.

4 Spider-Man Looking Nerdy

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There's no doubt that the latest live action Spider-Man is the most nerdy looking one, and even when he's in full costume and has a muscular body he still looks a bit, well, reedy. Here in his street close with a chipper look on his face, he looks that all the more so.

3 They Don't Look Like Heroes, Just Normal

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The candid selfie is hardly a flattering photo, least of all for a crew of superheroes like the Avengers. Don't superheroes take super selfies? Don't they, like, always have their outfits on hand? They hardly look like they're ready to save the day. Shame on them for ever breaking character.

2 Work It Tony

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Tony Stark is working it in this photo, though he looks a little on the poor side for the Tony Stark we all know and love. Why isn't he wearing an Armani suit? Why wouldn't he look like the billionaire he is? Oh wait, it's just Robert Downey Jr. Boring, how unheroic.

1 Why Aren't You Using Your Superpowers?

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Why isn't Elizabeth Olsen using her superpowers right now? Isn't she a character in the MCU? How dare she look anything but the hero she is supposed to be for our generation, as dictated by someone else with a lot more power than both her, you, or me. How dare she go on a morning run and not look perfect!

Sources: Twitter, Just Jared, & Pinterest

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