20 Awkward Photos Of Celebrities At Disneyland

Ever since Disneyland opened, it’s been tied to celebrities. The opening TV ceremony had stars like Sammy Davis Jr. taking part. In the last six and a half decades, countless stars have visited the Disneyland parks. Michael Jackson was famous for nearly shutting down the parks with his visits and it’s common for some stars to have entourages when they visit. Other times, a celebrity will want to come with their family and be treated like any other guest. Something about Disneyland just encourages stars to be like kids.

Fans and paparazzi do love to scope out the parks in hopes of finding some celebrity on their off-time. In a few cases, the stars can be caught in some less than flattering shots. Sometimes, they can be too excited or bored by the rides. Other times, their outfits are inappropriate for the park. Sometimes, they just look funny acting like kids. Here are 20 pics of celebrities looking awkward at Disneyland, to show how the Happiest Place on Earth has differing effects on the famous.

20 Going Gaga


Lady Gaga is currently shifting her image after the huge success of A Star Is Born. But at heart, she’s still the outrageous lady who always knows how to command attention. She proved that on a trip to Tokyo Disneyland in a black outfit with fishnet stockings, a gold chain belt, and sunglasses at night. Her pose on the carousel is quite striking and the ears on her head are actually the most sedate part of the outfit. No one can do Disney quite like Gaga.

19 Thorny Ride


Bella Thorne got her start on Disney Channel, co-starring with Zendaya on the comedy Shake It Up. Like many Disney starlets, Thorne was given a free pass to attend the parks anytime she wanted. This pic from 2015 is before Thorne famously shook up her image as she and then-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin take on Big Thunder Mountain. Thorne’s reaction is less than enthused, looking annoyed as she holds her mouse ear cap to her head. It's little surprise she’s left the Mouse behind her.

18 Sad Pumpkin


Every now and then, a celebrity reaction takes on a life of its own. It happened in 2015 when images hit of Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan shown looking downright sad and downcast while riding Big Thunder Mountain. Corgan responded to the reaction by saying he just wanted to enjoy the rides but even Family Guy made fun of him being a “baby-man.” Corgan did return to the park and was smiling in photos, yet that earlier visit remains infamous.

17 Selena’s Magic Hiding


Selena Gomez rose to fame on the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place. Maybe she should have used some of that magic to conceal her identity on a Disneyland trip. In May of 2019, Gomez famously skipped out on New York’s annual Met Gala to hit the parks for some fun. While hundreds of celebrities were dressed in glamorous outfits, Gomez was hiding under a hood on a roller coaster for an odd break from things.

16 Beyoncé's Goofy Disguise


Sometimes, celebrities try to disguise themselves when going to Disneyland so they and their families won’t be mobbed by fans. Maybe Beyoncé somehow thought putting on a Goofy hat while at the Paris park would be all that was needed to conceal herself. She was very wrong as it’s impossible for one of the most beautiful and famous women on the planet to go unnoticed. If anything, it just makes her stand out even more as Queen Bey can't help looking royal with any crown.

15 Downtime Demi


Demi Lovato had a great career on the Disney Channel with her own sitcom before her personal problems broke her off from the company. But Lovato still visits Disneyland a lot and usually enjoys the parks. This pic is a bit different as Lovato is on Big Thunder Mountain, which boasts of being “the wildest ride in the wilderness!” Instead, she appears to be yawning. Given what a roller coaster her life has been, maybe Lovato isn’t impressed by this one.

14 Not Winter Gear


Like any ABC sitcom, Modern Family has done an episode where the characters hit Disneyland. On the show, Alex Dunphy acted like she was too “mature” for the park only to turn into a little kid there. Ariel Winter has also indulged in the parks but her dress sense is much different than Alex’s. Between the very short cut jean shorts, the large shirt over top, and the gold Mickey ears, Winter should have been paying more attention to the park dress code than the rides.

13 Spear’s Snack


Some snacks are exclusive to Disney parks and can’t be found anywhere else. One of the best is the famous “Mickey ice cream bar,” which is always a popular treat. Even Britney Spears isn’t immune as she indulged on a visit with boyfriend Sam Asghari and her kids. The former Mickey Mouse Club star has made several Disney visits and prefers being “just a guest” rather than being treated like a VIP. She can’t resist those tasty treats.

12 Candid Cardi


Even when going to Disneyland, starlets will try to look good with makeup. Cardi B isn’t like most stars, though. The singer hit the parks with daughter Kulture and the images of her without any makeup were a sensation. Given Cardi’s famously wild outfits, the sight of her dressed in casual Minnie-inspired shirt and top was notable. It’s a rare look at a dressed-down Cardi enjoying herself.

11 Awkward Aguilera


Long before her fame as a singer, Christina Aguilera was a member of the 90s version of The Mickey Mouse Club. That’s allowed her access to the parks and she’s used it a lot. Aguilera is known for some diva behavior, which makes it notable how she’s wandering around the parks sans entourage and in a huge Mickey sweatshirt. 

10 Jolly Jolie


It’s fun to remember when Angelina Jolie was a true “wild child” who was a Hollywood tabloid favorite. She’s settled down over the years with her humanitarian work while also playing Disney’s iconic character, Maleficent. Even Jolie needs a day off and was seen in 2017 with her kids enjoying the nightly firework show. It's a nice sight of just a mom with her kids, showing how Jolie has changed.

9 Magic Charlize


Charlize Theron is well known for being able to bury her beauty for various movie roles, but she could have used a better disguise while at Disneyland. This past Halloween, Theron hit the parks with her children and, like many guests, dressed in costume. In her case, it’s a witch which gives us the odd sight of Charlize looking like the Wicked Witch of the West on the Alice in Wonderland ride. She still looks astounding even chilling with family.

8 Sobbing Brie


Brie Larson is an Oscar-winning actress who’s risen up by playing Captain Marvel. While at Disneyland, she dressed like a Jedi for their Galaxy’s Edge area. But this pic has Larson breaking down and crying like a little kid upon meeting Mickey Mouse. It’s just hilarious seeing this A-list star acting like any four-year-old meeting their beloved icon. It shows some stars really are little kids at heart.

7 Grabby Grande


While she became famous as a Nickelodeon actress, Ariana Grande has had lots of fun at Disneyland as well. This pic is already awkward as it comes from when Grande was engaged to Pete Davidson, a relationship that ended badly. There’s also how bizarrely Grande appears to be holding her ears. Hopefully, her next vacation photographs better.

6 Bored Bale


While a fantastic Oscar-winning actor, Christian Bale has garnered a reputation for being very difficult and short-tempered on movie sets. That’s why it's so unique to see Bale at Disneyland with his family. He’s not smiling while with his kids on a carousel, but rather seems downright bored. He’s like any other dad, just wanting to handle this ride and then move on. It shows even Batman can be a bit harried at Disneyland.

5 Wild Miley


Miley Cyrus had been a clean-cut girl while starring on Hannah Montana for Disney and spent a lot of time at the parks. Cyrus would infamously shift up her image to a wilder persona, making her later park trips more notable. She and Stella Maxwell hit the park and are shown on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror with Cyrus showing her tongue off. Cyrus has toned down her actions since, but this proves even Disney wasn't safe from her wild period.

4 Crazy Kaley


Splash Mountain has been one of Disneyland’s biggest rides for 30 years. The climax has the logs going down a fifty-foot drop into a watery tunnel which never fails to leave guests soaked. It’s too easy for folks to lose it on the ride and Kaley Cuoco is no exception. She celebrated her 33rd birthday with husband Karl Cook by howling her head off, taking the plunge in mouse ears. Talk about a splash.

3 Wet Chrissy


Chrissy Teigen has often talked about her care for her body while raising kids. While at Disneyland with husband John Legend shortly after having a child, Tiegen was pictured going down the big dive of Splash Mountain. The full pic showed her clutching her chest with the caption “My Milk!” The “Flash Mountain” phenomenon is well known, but Tiegen had to put her spin on the concept.

2 Terrified Taylor


Taylor Swift and a Victoria’s Secret model go to Disneyland together. Sounds like an April Fool’s day joke but on April 1st, 2016, the singer and Lily Aldridge really did hit the Magic Kingdom with Aldrige’s daughter. The highlight was this pic of the pair on the Radiator Springs Racer ride. Within hours, the image of Swift’s bodyguard looking totally unimpressed went viral to show these gals are pros even on a theme park ride.

1 Bruce’s Splash


Bruce Willis has been in scores of action films and performed his share of stunts. Yet he clearly is unprepared for the big drop on Splash Mountain. It’s hilarious seeing the man famous for a scene where he jumps off an exploding building looking wild on this ride with wife Emma Heming. Even John McClane has to feel a little fear going down this wet mountain.

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