20 Awkward Fan Photos These WWE Divas Had To Endure

The WWE Divas Championship appeared back in 2008 and it didn't take long before some of the Divas reached a level of popularity that even rivaled some of the male wrestling superstars. Of course, there is a flip-side to being famous - everyone will want a piece of them, and they've got to please their fans in order to make money.

Part of pleasing the fans means agreeing to be photographed, which sounds like a fairly straightforward thing. That is until we take the lack of social skills and downright weirdness of people into account. It's at that point things become strange, awkward, and hilarious, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Who wouldn't enjoy looking at some sad attempts at trying to look cool next to the WWE Divas?

20 Alexa Bliss Getting Some Love

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First of all, is this the comic book store owner from The Simpsons? He's clearly been told he's not allowed to actually hug her, so his arms are just hanging awkwardly next to her. He would probably be better off striking a pose like some other dudes do when taking a picture with a Diva. But that wouldn't make us laugh as hard.

19 Kelly Kelly And A Fan Staring At Something

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This image makes Kelly Kelly look like she's trying to figure out what's going on further down the road as some random fan asks her for a picture. In the background, the guy is just waiting for it all to be over so everyone can get on with their day.

18 Paige Getting More Than She Bargained For

via wrestlingforums

Talk about creepy fan pic! It looks like he went for a body part he's not allowed to touch, at least if we judge by the sheepish creeper look on his face and how she's grabbing his hand so it won't get any closer. He probably thought he was gonna get his money's worth for this shot.

17 Sasha In The Airport

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Wrestlers spend a lot of their time flying and in airports, which means they will inevitably run into fans. However, meeting people while traveling can be unpleasant - they could be stressed, and probably don't look their best after a day of travel. That goes for the fans as well, and in this pic, it doesn't really look like either one of them is feeling it.

16 AJ Lee's Fake Engagement

via Blacksportsonline

It doesn't get much weirder than this! Somehow, some poor misguided soul thought it would be cool to have a picture of himself putting a ring on AJ's finger while he's down on one knee. But why didn't he look into her eyes as he did it? That would make it so much better - or worse. The look on her face screams of awkwardness, like she's dealing with a child.

15 Ashley Massaro And The Million Dollar Man

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Ashley does actually manage to pull off looking cool in this picture, but that can not be said about the guy opposite her. What's the point in flashing a few bills? You either go big or go home, this just makes you look like some wannabe player. In fact, the guy in the middle seems a lot cooler!

14 Bayley And A Hugger

via Miami Herald

This guy wore his "I'm a Hugger" t-shirt, and didn't even get a hug. Poor guy, we feel bad for him... but just a tad. We're left wondering if the guy behind him wearing the exact same shirt actually got a hug, and by now Bayley was all hugged out?

13 The Bella Twins And Flexing Guy

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Considering that the Divas are surrounded by huge guys on a daily basis, we doubt they were actually impressed by this guy. Clearly, he spends a fair bit of time in the gym, but come on, pick your audience man. What are the chances he's the one who wanted a pic with them rather than the other way around?

12 The Bella Twins And Cosplay Wrestlers

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We gotta admit that their cosplay is actually pretty funny. Disturbing, yes - but still funny. As far as looking cool goes, they completely missed the mark, but we think this is one of the few instances where all parties had something to laugh about later on. Hopefully, someone showed this pic to John Cena.

11 Paige And Tongue Dude

via IGN

Imagine this guy walking up to them, asking to take a pic, they agree and think it will be just another boring picture like all the others. Then 'BAM', he pulls this move and nobody knows quite what to think and are left stunned and unable to respond. Okay, that is actually pretty cool, but it's still more than a little weird.

10 Sasha And The Airport Creeper

via Twitter

This guy was so happy about this pic that he posted it on Twitter, tagging Sasha for being so cool to her fans. Sasha replied: "No, thank you for being an airport creeper. Those are my fav." The poor guy deleted his tweet after just 15 minutes, and his entire week was probably ruined.

9 Sasha And Yet Another Airport Guy

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What is it about wrestling fans and stalking their heroes while they're traveling? Surely by now, they must've seen how miserable the wrestlers look in other fan photos? Yet they don't seem to stop chasing them around airports to get a selfie they can post on social media. Not cool at all!

8 Tammy "Sunny" Sytch - Paid Cuddles

via pwmania

Back in 2013, Sunny tried to "spice up" her fan interactions by putting on a robe and crawling into bed with them for pictures. It was just a set they'd made, not in their house, but still kinda weird and creepy. We're pretty sure her fans thought it was pretty cool though - but it really wasn't!

7 Alexa Bliss And Her Biggest Fan

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This guy clearly dressed to impress, he went ahead and bought her shirt before meeting her. Now, that's planning ahead! Although, while he clearly looks happy in this pic, even if her smile looks more than a little forced. Maybe she thinks he's coming on a little too strong with the shirt?

6 Alexa With A Wannabe Surfer

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For all we know, he could actually be a surfer, but throwing up his hand half-heartedly like that to do a shaka sign doesn't convince nor impress us. Why she's showing off her hand as if she's wearing a giant diamond ring and they just got engaged is beyond us, too.

5 Becky Lynch Getting A Hug

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This dude went straight in for a bear hug. Judging by the look on Becky's face, along with her being completely tensed up and flexing every muscle in her body, we don't think she's enjoying it all that much. We find that weird. Who doesn't like to get hugs like this from complete strangers?

4 Kelly Kelly Was Interrupted On The Phone

via Fan Wrestling Zone

The look on this guy's face is just priceless. Money can't buy that sort of happiness. We can't even imagine what he was like running up to her and asking for a hug - at least we hope he asked first. Kudos to her for keeping a smile on her face while being interrupted in the middle of a phone call though.

3 Sasha With Creepy Fan

via Reddit

We have no idea if this guy thought it would be funny and cool to go meet a Diva wearing this shirt, or if he's just a top-level creep. Maybe a combination of both? We gotta give her some props for being a good sport though.

2 AJ Lee And Weird Couple

via blacksportsonline

Poor AJ, she just looks so uncomfortable in this pic. It might've come out better if she would act crazy as well, but it sure wouldn't be as funny to look at. At least these two weirdos gained some internet fame as the image made its rounds on the web.

1 AJ Lee And The Blank Stare Dude

via blacksportsonline

This pic was apparently taken at Comic-Con, and we all know there are some strange people to be found there. Like the guy in this pic. He doesn't even look like he's interested in her at all, he just wants his pic taken and keep it in his photo album of weirdness.

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