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The 13 Biggest Mistakes We Make During Sex

Regardless of experience, we all dream of rom-com sex – silk bed sheets, candles, passion and beautiful intertwined bodies. In real life, however, couples face some challenges when it comes to recreat...

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13 Foods That Are Slowing You Down

A busy schedule and hectic days make you feel tired and exhausted. Have you ever considered the manner in which food affects your energy levels? Food is supposed to provide nourishment but it can also...


15 Amazing Benefits Of Having Oily Skin

Hate having oily skin? You’re not alone! Most girls are mortified by the shine and the constant acne breakout that are so common for individuals whose oil glands produce too much sebum.

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15 Daily Routines That Destroy Your Skin

Are you blessed with flawless skin? Thought so, the number of ladies that don’t have to do anything in order to keep their skin glowing can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand. Beautiful sk...

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15 Ways To Undoing Years Of Sun Damage

Do you remember the days when having a suntan happened to be a top priority in the summer? Sunscreen, eyeglasses and your hat took a rest inside your beach bag. Skin, however, “remembers” all the good...