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15 Signs He's Out Of Your League

Love & Heartbreak

It is honestly so hard to tell when a guy is out of your league, right? You could be talking to him and think everything is going great when bam, you realize that he is totally out of your league. You...

15 Reasons Why Bras Are The Worst

Girl Talk

The question shouldn’t be why wearing a bra sucks but rather what is actually good about wearing a bra. The answer to that is nothing. Okay, well, we’ll concede. There are some good things about bras....

15 True Signs He Still Misses His Ex

Love & Heartbreak

In the movies and TV shows we all watch, it's pretty easy to tell when someone isn't over their ex. When McDreamy wasn’t over Meredith, he just longingly stared at her all day and sniffed her hair in ...

15 Celebs Who Give Us The Worst Hair Envy


Hair. It’s really just a thing on top of our heads, right? Sure, but some people have the most magical, amazing hair in the world that shocks us with envy. What gives, right? Some people have thick, l...

15 Guys You Will Date In Your 20s

Love & Heartbreak

Generally, your 20s will be filled with many jobs, many apartments, many friends, many hangovers and many men. In most cases, many, many men. Sure, some lucky women find the person they are going to s...

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