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15 Signs Your Guy Is Way Worse Than You Think


When you’re really into a guy, you tend to ignore just about any red flag that may come up. (We get it girl, us too!) For whatever reason, you’ve convinced yourself that he’s the one and you won’t let...

15 Absolutely Worst Ways To Be Broken Up With


Breakups are obviously never easy. In fact, they are the worst. Ending a relationship is truly painful. In many cases, you’re losing your best friend, who you used to kiss and have Netflix marathons w...

15 Things You Should NEVER Order On The First Date


There is a plethora of things that can go wrong with a first date. You could say something creepy. You could find that you two have absolutely nothing in common. Your heel could break. Really, it’s th...

15 Best Movies To Help You Through Your Breakup


Breakups are hard. You want to be left alone forever but you also want to be comforted by your besties and flirt with cute boys. You may want to get back together with your ex but you also may want to...

15 Things You Should Consider Before You Cheat


Cheating is a slippery slope. Once done, it cannot be undone and you have to deal with all the consequences, which, trust us, can be pretty heavy. Of course, many times you can be wrapped up in a mome...

15 Signs You Might Be A Mean Girl


Mean Girls came out over ten years ago but somehow it is still as relevant and quote-worthy as it was back in 2004. Seriously, just try to find a girl in her teens, 20s, or 30s who doesn’t relate to M...

15 Signs You Get Creepy On Dates


Isn’t dating the greatest thing in the world? LOL, just kidding! Dating actually sucks. Of course, we all grow up thinking dating will be absolutely amazing due to what television shows and movies sho...

15 Times Gilmore Girls Gave Us Mom Envy


We’ll be honest, Lorelai Gilmore is not necessarily a model mother. In fact, one could easily make a case as to why she is actually a bad mother. There’s the fact that she feeds Rory junk food 99% of ...

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