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Girl Talk

16 Things Guys Make Fun Of Behind Your Back

It’s not that guys don’t love women. Guys do TOTALLY love women. I mean, duh. They love the way we smell, and the way we laugh, and the way…well, they love a ton of things about us. But, that doesn’t ...


15 Proofs That Leo DiCaprio Is Savage AF

Leonardo DiCaprio is an actual gift from the heavens above. I mean, every single day can be made just a little bit better with the knowledge that Leonardo DiCaprio is a real person who you could poten...


15 Ways To Get Him To Propose

Let’s all admit it ladies, we sometimes know it’s time to get engaged before our men know it’s time to get engaged. That is, of course, because most of us have been craving a sparkly diamond ring from...


Bedroom Fails: 15 Things Women Do Wrong

There are many things in the world that are worse than being bad in bed, but being bad in bed in definitely up there. The thought of others thinking your bedroom skills are lacking is, well, heartbrea...


15 Grossest Things You Do Based On Your Zodiac

Ah, gross habits. We all have them, right? I mean, it’s not that we want to admit to, like, never washing our bra ever, but some of us do it. Actually, a lot of us do that one. It’s hard to remember t...


16 Tricks To Teasing Him Without Revealing Too Much

Naughty texting can be a little bit too much sometimes. I mean, he’s not going to buy the cow if you’re giving away the milk for free – or whatever that old school saying is. Even if you are intimate ...

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