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15 Hoaxes That Had Everyone Fooled

Mess Ups & Mishaps

Humans have always been good at pranks. Luckily for the pros among us, humans have also always been super gullible as well! Every now and then, a hoax comes along that shakes everybody up and has them...

15 Celeb Break Ups That Destroyed Us


When you love a celebrity, it’s very easy to become emotionally invested in their personal life. And by easy, we mean inevitable! The coming together of our favorite celebrities can sometimes fill us ...

15 Celebs The World Treats Terribly


It’s tough being a celebrity, even when everyone loves you. But for a select few, things are even harder because a lot of people don’t love them. In the public’s view, they can’t do anything right, an...

15 Hilarious Times Celebs Failed On Stage


Even superstars can’t get it right all the time! The one thing about this day and age that we’re sure all famous people detest is the way that basically everything you do will be caught on camera and ...

12 Real Cults You Need To Know About

Mess Ups & Mishaps

Cult is a word that’s thrown around quite a bit in our society, now often used in exaggeration to describe an exclusive group of people. But what exactly is a real cult, and do they still exist? A cul...

15 Famous Shady Moments We Can't Get Over


Though Hollywood seems like such a sunny place, it’s actually covered in excessive amounts of shade. “Throwing shade” is an expression that comes from African-American and Latino communities, and basi...

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