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What Will Make Him Snap? Based On His Sign

Girl Talk

Even the most patient people (or in this case, signs!) have buttons that can be pushed. And we all have that particular button that will send us over the edge, no matter how tolerant we think we are. ...

15 Reasons He's Not Calling You Back

Love & Heartbreak

The universal question that all women have asked at one point or another is “Why isn’t he calling me back?” Unfortunately, since each guy is different, you might not ever find out the real answer unle...

15 Of Our Fave Celeb Couples Of 2017

Love & Heartbreak

Dating as a celebrity must be challenging—every move you make is scrutinized by millions of people, and an insane amount of pressure forces you in and out of relationships against your will. Regular d...

15 Celebs Who Despised The Roles They Played


Sometimes, when a celebrity stars in a role that’s iconic enough, we can’t help but associate them with that character for eternity. We can’t separate the actor from the role, and end up falling in lo...

15 Stars Who Use The Law Of Attraction


Do you ever wonder how celebrities are able to achieve the success that they do, while there are millions of people who can never seem to get there? 15 of them, at least, put it down to the Law of Att...

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