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15 Things To Never Do If You Really Like Him


It’s not every day that you meet somebody you really connect with. When you do start dating a person you actually like (not the attention they give you, nor the idea of being with them, but just them)...

15 Unbelievable Celebrity Comebacks


There are few things more heartbreaking for diehard fans than seeing your favorite star fading away from the spotlight. We know that even the biggest superstars need time out from their crazy lives, b...

15 Shameful Catfights These Celebs Want Deleted


A decade ago, it was a lot easier for celebrities to keep their personal feuds private. But in our world of screenshots, instant messaging, and social media, it’s a little more difficult to stop an ar...

15 Celebs Who Went Through Absolute Disasters


It’s difficult to come back from a tragedy in your life under any circumstances, but trying to heal while you’re in the public eye must be one incredibly challenging task. We look at the celebrities i...

15 Mad Theories About Famous People


Fame and rumors are a packaged deal. Even if a celebrity innocently works on their craft and does nothing more than entertain, people are going to start whispering. It’s the way it goes! Most rumors a...

15 Celebs Who Are Way Poorer Than You Think


People often assume fame and fortune are synonymous, but in some cases, those assumptions are wrong! There are actually a number of celebrities who aren’t as cashed up as you would think, by Hollywood...

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