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15 Things We '90s Kids Miss

While every decade has unforgettable moments, the '90s were a memorable era for many reasons; some may even argue the most impacting decade to date thanks to Hollywood relationships and splits, breaki...


15 Reasons You Should Have A One Night Stand

Now, while I’m certainly not an expert on one night stands, I do know they serve as great ego boosters when necessary. Unfortunately, that’s just a temporary fix. We all want company, attention, affec...


13 Ways To Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

For some people, bedroom intimacy conjures up a little shyness, but an absolute lack of confidence can be a performance crusher, and not to mention a total mood killer. The first question to ask is, w...

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12 Proven Ways To Get Noticed

Getting noticed is the first step to capturing someone’s attention, however most people retract like a turtle in a shell when it comes to doing something about it. Are you like the turtle? As much as ...

Girl Talk

14 Signs You're A Highly Sensitive Person

If you know the word ‘EMPATH’, chances are it’s because you’ve done your research to find out why you feel like an island in a world full of people. Empath, also referred to as ‘A highly sensitive per...