Articles by Tiffany Clarke

14 Emojis You've Been Using All Wrong


Who doesn't love emojis? We spend 99% of our time on our cell phones and 98% of that time is spent sending text messages that are riddled with smileys, hearts, and dancing bunnies. Yes words are neces...

15 Facts About Sapiosexuality You Need To Know


What does this word even mean? Many of us haven’t heard the term before because it was literally birthed like yesterday. This is a person who finds intellect more attractive than the exterior. This is...

15 Ways To Be A Pro At Social Media Stalking

Girl Talk

In a world where social media is everything and not having a Snapchat is the end all be all, it's pretty easy to stalk one another. Everything you will ever need to know about your ex will be posted o...

14 Reasons Why People Think Blondes Are Dumb

Girl Talk

If you've seen Legally Blonde, then you know that blondes can be smart enough to be law students, smart enough to go to Harvard, and smart enough to catch the hunky co-star. So we are definitely not q...