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15 Ugly Royals Who Look Like The Help

Thanks a lot, Fairy Tales and Disney – you have ruined royalty for millions and millions of people. With their huge eyes and slim waists, we were brought up to believe that in order to be of royal blo...


15 Viral Pictures That Had Everyone Fooled

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a billion times – oh, another fake photo must have been posted on the net. Sure, we all know we can’t possibly live without the internet in this day and age (even t...


15 Celebs Who Are Monsters Without Makeup

Do we think using the word “monsters” is rather strong when referring to women without makeup on? Perhaps, but some of these women deserve it because A) They’re not really nice people and B) That’s wh...


15 Epic Celeb Social Media Fights

We live in a golden age of technology, people – and don’t you forget it. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg pretty much taking over the entire world, social media has become a vital way of life. Given, he only...


14 Celeb Pics That Will Haunt Us Forever

Thanks to social media being the nucleus of our generation’s world (I mean, seriously – you know you have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr open on your computer and are Snapchatting as y...


15 Times Fans Caught The Kardashians Lying

In a perfect world, reality TV wouldn’t be fake and the educational system wouldn’t have failed the entire Kardashian family. Sure, we like to pick on them a lot, but with a noble reason: They’re obno...


15 Celebrity Bad Boys You'd Take To Bed

What is it about the bad boys that always seem to capture the attention of a woman? You have those men, who claim to be a “nice guy” but then turn around and whine about how women always choose someon...


15 Celebs We Predict Will Get Cheated On Next

Quite often enough, we are so mesmerized by the bright lights and glamour of Hollywood and its stars, that we forget there’s an entire dark side to it. When you’re in a relationship in Tinsel Town, bu...


15 Things Men Think We Care About But Don't

Ah men. Most like to act all big and bad but truth be told, they have egos more fragile than a baby humming bird’s bones. In this day and age, women are coming up stronger than ever and have become in...

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