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15 Reasons Why He Rejected You

It’s a tragic part of life that we all must go through at least once – both men and women alike: rejection. If you have feelings for someone and you suddenly find yourself sanctioned in the dreaded “f...


15 Signs Your Ex Is Still In Love With You

It doesn’t happen too often in a lifetime, that whole falling madly in love thing. These days, the term “I love you” is dropped as commonly as “I have to go to the bathroom”, so it’s almost a moot sen...


15 TV Siblings That Are Too Close In Real Life

We sometimes see it unfolding on the screen, even though we try desperately not to: the chemistry between two siblings. Of course, we all know that the actors who are playing these siblings are in no ...


15 Signs You're Desperate

You’d be lying to yourself if you claim you have never felt at least a tad desperate at one point in your life. It’s okay to admit since we all go through it – when we’re so down in the dumps when it ...


15 Celebs Who Are Now Bigger Than Their Talent

We all go through it at least once in our existence – the inevitable weight gain. Being a woman in a shallow society, I was taught that if I had gained any sort of weight whatsoever (other than up top...


15 Male Celebs Who Are Seriously Lacking

You hear it all the time; “size doesn’t matter”. It’s like we somehow have tried to convince ourselves that when it comes to bedroom fun, it’s not the size of the tool that matters – it’s how you work...


15 Heartbreaking Post Tragedy Photos

We are living in a time where tragedy happens way too frequently. Horrifically enough, it’s become the new normal. Just a few short weeks ago, a violent clash between white supremacists and anti-prote...


15 Big Names That Are Related To Royalty

Thanks to being raised on Disney movies where beauty and innocence seemed to be the basic norms of royalty, we all secretly (or openly) wished that we too were princesses and princes. Sure, this had t...


15 Celebs Who Are Dirtier Than Usher

Rapper Usher has been in the news a crap load lately, and it’s for nothing good… or clean, for that matter. Recently, a woman named Quantasia Sharpton has accused the rapper of carrying a virus and wi...

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