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An Evolution Of The Kardashian Kristmas Kards


We all know them, and we all either hate the absolute heck out of them or literally can’t wait to be surprised by their turn-out. Yes, we’re talking about the annual Kardashian family Christmas card. ...

15 Things He Def Told His Ex About You


Let’s face it: once a majority of people break up with someone, they tend to build a different life away from that specific person. They move on. They start new relationships and tend to even start ne...

15 Celebs Who Aren't Rolling In Dough


We’ve all fallen on rough times before – it happens. Mainly it happens in our 20s when we’re just starting to get a handle on our finances while stepping out into the world for the very first time. We...

15 Traits A Man Is Looking For In "Another Woman"


When most men end up cheating on their significant other, people naturally assume it’s because of the other woman’s looks that drove him to do such a heinous act. But think again. In Greek mythology, ...

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