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15 Signs You're Desperate

Love & Heartbreak

You’d be lying to yourself if you claim you have never felt at least a tad desperate at one point in your life. It’s okay to admit since we all go through it – when we’re so down in the dumps when it ...

16 Celebs Who Killed Their Careers On Live TV


Ah, the dangers of live television. We, as viewers, have no idea the enormous pressure that actors, comedians, and singers are under when they go before a very live camera. While we seem to marvel at ...

15 Heartbreaking Post Tragedy Photos

Mess Ups & Mishaps

We are living in a time where tragedy happens way too frequently. Horrifically enough, it’s become the new normal. Just a few short weeks ago, a violent clash between white supremacists and anti-prote...

15 Celebs Who Are Dirtier Than Usher

Mess Ups & Mishaps

Rapper Usher has been in the news a crap load lately, and it’s for nothing good… or clean, for that matter. Recently, a woman named Quantasia Sharpton has accused the rapper of carrying a virus and wi...

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