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18 Signs He's Trading You In For A Better Model

Relationships happen to be one of the most complex things on the face of the planet. It’s about constantly learning how to adapt, live, and love another person beside yourself – and this can prove to ...


19 Pics Of All Women Drake Has Been With

Rapper Drake has to be one of the most charismatic presences in the hip-hop world at this point in time. Even his smile is contagious. The Canadian songwriter first popped up on people’s radar back in...


15 Stunning Celebs Who Are Super Smart

Back in the old days of Hollywood, producers, agents, and directors would allegedly tend put looks first, talent second, and intellect last. They didn’t seem to realize that intellect, especially bril...


16 Celebs The Public Knew Were Gay Before They Did

We are living in an age like no other when it comes to being out and proud as a gay man or woman. During the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, most actors and actresses had to nearly break their own minds in...


21 Roles The Kardashians Starred In

You know their name. You know their (ever-changing) faces. You know the tones of their voices with their blatant California accents. That’s right, everyone and their dog knows the name Kardashian, and...

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