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15 Nerdy Kids Who Grew Up To Turn Heads In 2017


Growing up is never easy. Take our adolescent years for example - They were horrible, pimply, brace-face adjacent, and downright awful for some of us. But, lucky for us normal people who were raised o...

15 Celebs Who Stole Fame And Never Gave It Back


When you make it in Hollywood, you want to be able to thank those who helped get you to that point. Fame is a fickle and temperamental witch that has a tendency to be fleeting if you’re not constantly...

15 Signs He Likes Your Crazy

Love & Heartbreak

It’s not too hard to admit: Yeah, some of us women are completely crazy. And the ones who are plainly aware of it and flaunt it on a daily basis are the worst kind. Sure, it may be a desperate attempt...

15 Signs He's Using You Again

Love & Heartbreak

No, one – and I repeat, NO ONE – wants to think that they’re being used in a relationship. It’s a sinking feeling that will chip away at your self-esteem and leave it for dead in the long run. If a wo...

15 Reasons Why He Rejected You

Love & Heartbreak

It’s a tragic part of life that we all must go through at least once – both men and women alike: rejection. If you have feelings for someone and you suddenly find yourself sanctioned in the dreaded “f...

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