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15 Reasons Why Demi Lovato Is A Hypocrite

Ah yes, the word “hypocrite” seems to be floating around a lot lately, especially when it comes to politics these days. We can’t seem to escape the word itself, nor do we really want to when it comes ...


15 Female Prison Guards Who Fell For Inmates

I won’t lie, it’s tough out there wading in the shallow end of the dating pool as a single gal – but, man, there are some lines that some women shouldn't really cross. Like, ever. “Dating” an inmate w...


15 Reasons Katy Perry IS JonBenet

There have been some wack-a-doodle conspiracy theories that have floated around in the past, mainly because some people just can’t accept the fact that when something goes horribly wrong, more often t...


15 Reasons Cristina Yang Is The Worst

If you’re a die hard fan of ABC’s hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, you know exactly who Dr. Cristina Yang is, and are probably still scratching your head in regards to her departure. Sure, we’ve all ...


15 People Who Believe OJ Was Innocent

The event known as “The Trial of the Century” managed to live up to its name, even decades later (hell, even a new CENTURY later). Former NFL running back, O.J. “The Juice” Simpson was busy living up ...


15 Child Stars Who Did NOT Age Gracefully

They were cast in roles because of their youth and utter cuteness  – but, unfortunately, Father Time (or Father Surgeon) wasn’t too kind to them. It’s hard enough growing up in the spotlight when you’...


15 Female Actors Who Have Shut Down Reporters

Women have come a long way in this day and age, but as society has taught us brutally in the recent years, we still have a much longer road ahead of us. Take the wage gap between men and women in the ...


15 Celebs Who Will Try To Slide Into Your DMs

We all dream about what it must be like to get extremely close to a celebrity. What it must be like to be their best friend or to date them and understand them intimately. Little did we know that soci...


15 Celebs Who Treat Their Parents Like Dirt

When we look at celebrities, with all their riches and their fame, we tend to idolize them as something more than regular human beings who don’t have regular human being problems. This isn’t the case....


15 TV Recastings That Offended True Fans

As we all know, when it comes to television programs, recasting sometimes can be necessary. We see it all the time on Soap Operas – one day the character of “Jennifer” is played by so-and-so and then ...


15 Celebs That Were Blackmailed

There are some things that celebrities aren’t immune to just like regular, everyday individuals: Taxes, death, being humiliated in public, and so on. However, we everyday people find we don’t hit this...


15 Celebs Who Don't Know How To Be Single

The world is a much different place than it was some 40 odd years ago. For example, one doesn’t HAVE to be in a relationship to lead a fulfilling life; we don’t have to have children or build some sor...

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