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15 Times Kanye Actually Made Sense

When rapper Kanye West speaks, the world listens. We listen because we cannot wait to hear the next bizarre statement that will come out of his mouth. His ease to say the most outrageous things in com...


Instagram's Top 15 Hottest Guys

Ladies, we deserve our eye candy too. Instagram is a worldwide phenomenon and many people have even found fame and success through the popular photo sharing app. Many of these people, now called influ...


15 Reasons Why You Can't Get Over The Bad Boy

He is unpredictable, he is hot, he is fun and he has stolen your heart. Your friends told you to stay away. They told you they had heard about him and his games. You knew you were playing with fire fr...

Girl Talk

11 Makeup Looks You Need To Try

Makeup in today's day and age has become an art form. Social media has turned average girls with a firm grip into professional makeup advisors. All we have to do these days to choose the perfect look ...


12 Naughty Things You Day Dream About At Work

We all have to "Work, work, work, work, work, work." You sit in the office from 9-5pm trying your best to remain busy and focused the entire day. You're finally on a roll, and then, all of a sudden, y...


12 Times Nicki Minaj Shocked Us

Rapper Nicki Minaj says the darnest things. The Young Money rapper even has her own word dictionary called a "Nictionary." Her seductive and sometimes outrageous verses have made her one of this gener...


Rihanna's Top 11 #BBHMM Moments

Rihanna is the queen of our generation. Topping the charts for the last decade, RiRi doesn't have much that she hasn't accomplished during her time in the limelight. The island gal from Barbados is be...

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