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15 Times The Jenners Failed At Fashion

The Jenner family is extensive due to Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce’s past marriages and his children. The Olympian has multiple ex-wives and six children. Three of his children, Brody, Kendall and...


15 Celebs Who Struggled To Recover From A Breakup

Heartbreak is awful, and chances are you’ve experienced it yourself at least once. Celebrities are not exempt from rejection, cheating and difficult circumstances. Material objects are much easier to ...


15 Times Celeb Eyebrows Were Hideous AF

Ordinary people aren’t expected to have their eyebrows on fleek all the time. Celebrities, on the other hand, have to make more of an effort to make sure they look right before stepping out in public....


14 Hottest News Fails Exposed

The news can be quite unpredictable. Most of the time, viewers get the information they need about breaking news stories or weather updates. Sometimes, the audience is entertained by lighthearted and ...


12 Celebs With The Most Fake Profiles

Most people admire celebrities. Many media sources allow the public to browse through images and stories of their favourite celebrities. The majority of people don’t have to spend a lot of time to fin...