Articles by Robin Zabiegalski


Top 15 Longest PRISON Sentences Ever Given

In the American criminal justice system, the severity of the punishment for committing crimes is reflected by the length of the prison sentence given to the offender. Minor crimes like forgery and rob...


12 Shocking Cold Cases Finally Solved

There are few things more tragic than when an investigation becomes a cold case. For most police departments, a case becomes cold when there hasn’t been any new, substantial evidence to move the case ...


13 Most Notorious Female Criminals

When we think about the most notorious criminals in history, men often come to mind first. There are awful stories of men who hurt women, of serial killers who claimed dozen of victims, of bank robber...


15 Things You Cannot Get Pregnant From

If you’re ever wondering if health education should be a required course in public schools, head over to Yahoo Answers and check out all the ways teenagers think that they can get pregnant. Browsing t...


12 Actors Who Refused To Lose For A Role

Over the past few decades, the average body size of the women in Hollywood has shrunk dramatically. Today, the women represented in the media are super thin, drastically thinner than the majority of t...


16 Worst Male Celebrity Photoshop Fails

Society has unrealistically high standards for celebrities. We expect them to be perfect, even when we know they’re not. This includes expecting them to look perfect, at all times. Of course, no one c...


15 Lies People In Relationships Tell Themselves

A good friend always tells me that we lie to ourselves in our own voices so it's easier to believe the lies we tell ourselves. This is especially true when we're not happy, but we don't want to admit ...

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