Articles by Nicole R

15 Recent Kids Movies That Are Inappropriate AF


Whether you have children, a kid brother/sister/nephew/niece, or have ever been around a bite-sized human you’ve spent time watching animated films with a G rating. You also know that children love to...

15 Subtle Ways He Shows He Loves You


There are many ways to say I love you. And although we are very attached to hearing those three single syllable words, we shouldn’t let them define the validity of our relationships or our partner’s e...

15 Ways To Be Healthy Down There


Disclaimer: this article is not for squeamish readers and the faint of heart. First things first – we’re going to squash any and all awkwardness about ‘down there’. We’re about to get real. Sure you m...

15 Times You Have A Right To Be Pissed Off AF


You love you’re your partner and he loves you, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t drive you crazy every once in a while. A relationship isn’t just breakfast in bed and morning nooky. While we all l...