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15 Celeb Women Who Look Saggy


Bottoms up, bottoms up! Well, for these celebrity women, their bottoms actually sag down. There is no denying the fact that the booty is in high demand. With bootylicious babes like Kim Kardashian, Am...

The 15 Biggest Maneaters In Hollywood


Hollywood is full of celebrity men who use their looks, fame, and money to attract and then quickly toss away a whole array of women. These men are known as womanizers. But, celebrity men aren’t the o...

15 CLEAR Signs He Only Likes You For Your Chocha


Whether they are your friend with benefits, hook-up buddy, slam piece, or casual “ting” (thank you Drake for this distinction), we call our not-yet boyfriends a whole lot of things. Well, we call them...

15 Things You Secretly Want To Do To Your Ta-Tas


Playing with those round beautiful maracas isn’t something that only men fantasize about doing. Women, even though, we don’t always admit it, are intrigued by our Ta-Tas as well. We also openly glance...

Foods To Use In The Bedroom Based On Astrology


Incorporating food into your bedroom routine can be a fun treat for both you and your partner. Getting lucky and eating food have a lot in common. They’re both satisfying, sensual, and tasty. So why n...

15 Reasons To Shut Up And Marry A Rich Guy


When it comes to marriage, everyone has their own reason for tying the knot. Maybe you haven’t decided which path you want yet. Or, you’ve already tried one path and it didn’t work out. So let’s cut t...

18 Thoughts He Has Before And After Getting Lucky


As much as everyone would prefer to be completely undistracted when we get intimate, it’s completely normal to sometimes have wandering thoughts. It’s actually kind of inevitable. Going all the way is...

15 Ugliest Siblings Of Famous Celebs


No one likes being the ugly sibling in a good-looking family. You get name-called, bullied, and tend to feel really insecure about yourself. It’s even worse when you get the short-end of the stick for...

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